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Just a Small Post

This is an award I recieved today. Thank you so much Lisa. I love it. And I'll be looking around to see who gets it after me. See Lisa's blog at ScrappyCatz.
As I was looking through the week there are a lot of names and projects. FYI: It might be Sunday before I annouce the winner. Again, everyone, everytime will be assigned a number and I will filter it through a random number generator to get the name of the person who is RAKed.


I feel like I'm a campaign manger for my pup! I found a direct link that will help you vote for my baby Bailey. He's in true need of an ego it's up to you!!


Click on vote. Enter your email address. Once the box says your email is valid THEN go click on vote again and make sure the vote count went up by one.

I only have a week to whip this pup into a real primary winner!

Sixth and Final day of the Month of Love

This is it. We've had a month of RAKs and Challenges that I hope you have enjoyed. I have to let you know you have really helped me clean out my studio. I can actually scrap again.

Let's move forward to today challenge:

Day Five Scavenger Hunt Challenge/RAK

I'm sending you to several places today and I'm asking that you find your inspiration for your project. You create something you've learned from and post to the slide show. Here are the sites you need to visit.

Fiskateer Angela Daniels (as of 6:40 EST she hasn't posted, so if you don't see one for today's date wait). Make sure and leave her a comment. Add yourself to her map. It's cool.

Suzanne Walker Leave a comment with your suggestion for a new name of her show. If you have already, give her another one.

Pattye Duffner The Reason I Scrapbook video. I cried through most of this video. Make sure to leave her a comment.

This one you don't HAVE to do, but I would appreciate it if you would vote for m…

Day Five Scavanger Hunt

Well today is very full so on with... Day Five Scavenger Hunt

First blog to visit is that of Nathalie at Scrapbook-Trends . She was recently published in Sommerset Memories magazine. Nathalie is an artist. This is a different style of scrapbooking and she is one of the best at it. She has tutorials you might want to check out. But just enjoy the eye candy, leave a comment, and come back here and leave a comment on your favorite technique or layout/project.

The second blog to visit is that of my friend Deb Wiskers at Live, Love, Laugh, Create. Complete her challenge, leave her a comment, and post your project on the slide show here. If you complete this project you will be counted twice for it in RAK. Deb has a great and important challenge, but it is a little tough. I know you are up for the challenge.

Gratitude List:
1. Scrapbook Opportunities
2. Possibilities
3. God's hand on my life
4. Lessons
5. The cleft of the Rock He hides me in for the moments I need to be shielded.

Day Four Scavanger Hunt Challenge/Rak

Happy Milestone to Debby's Dare. This is my 100th Post. Wahoo! I'm blown away by all the wonderful projects and comments you have posted here. My hope is that you have tons of fun, learn many different ways of doing paper projects, and that you go away knowing that you are the best!

Day Four Challenge

Okay, for today go to Wide Open Spaces to visit Fiskateer Paula. Go through her blog, but on right hand side she has links to tutorials, projects, etc. Check them out. They are wonderful. Leave her an encouraging comment, then come back here and leave a comment on something you have learned or liked about her blog.

Secondly, go to Life As I Scrap It , scroll down to the heading "I love busy days." You will find a sketch of a beautiful layout. But it's upside down. LOL Meet her challenge, post a comment on her blog, and post your project on the slide show here. You only have to do the layout and not a mini-book. BTW: Shere and I ended up at the same StampScrapArt Show t…

Day Three and the Hunt is Moving Forward

I so loved the cards everyone made. If you did not make one yesterday, please follow up and make one later. They are so different and the ones you made are beautiful and funny.

Day Three

Let's visit one of my favorite blogs Crafty Cafe. Go in, take a look around and leave a comment there and leave a comment on this blog of something new you have learned. I so love her latest layout.

Unexpected Destinations has a really good challenge for you today. It is a little harder, but really great. Check out her blog, create your project, leave her a comment and post your finished project on the slide show. Always remember if someone asks you to do a layout it does not necessarily mean do a 12 x 12, but can be any size that works for you. Unexpected Destinations has online classes you can take. I plan on looking into signing up for one. I love challenges or classes that really stretch me.

Have fun today.

Gratitude List
1. My friend Anita is going to be alright.
2. Prayers that move m…

Day 2 Scavenger Hunt Challenge

First let me remind you, you do not have to do the challenge everyday, but the more times you enter the more chances you will have to win.

There are two blogs I want you to visit today (Monday). First take a look around Ali Edwards (link to the left) blog. Make a comment on her blog and come back and comment here on something you found out new. The second blog has a challenge for you to make. Simple and quick, but I know you'll love it.

Go to Lolo Schpadora
Meet her challenge
Leave her a comment
Post your finished project on this slide show here.

Take the time to look around, do this fabulous project...I'm going to do it also. The more you post in comments and on the slide the more changes to win the RAK Challenge.

I'm still looking for the winner of the Ink and Tear Challenge. Email me soon.

I worked at my first show. I was asked to work for Stamp Camp at the StampScrapArt Tour. At the time I said yes, I did not know I would be filling in for the owner and running the bo…

Winner and the Beginning of the Scangager Hunt Challenge!

It's the last Love, clean out my scraproom RAK. I hope all my lovelies have found a good home and being put to good creative use. LOL

I've been so busy these past few weeks I'm ready for a mini, family vacation, but not until after next Friday.

Without further ado the Winner of the Ink and Tear Challenge is................... Send me your address at and I will be sending out last week's and this week's RAK on Monday. I've had to wait to get the right size box, but both will be going out Monday. Congratulations!!

BTW: I use a random number generator to choose the winners. But I have to say I’m glad I don’t have to pick one. They are all great! Good job folks.
(remember I've add a lot to this since the picture was made) The Scavenger Hunt Challenge The Scavenger Hunt begins TODAY. Everyday I will be sending you to different blogs where you will be given a challenged by either me or the owner of the blog. We'll start off easy.

For Sunday onl…

Another CHA Photo Day

I want to continue to encourage everyone to post their project to the slide show for the INK and TEAR Challenge. There are some very beautiful projects already posted.

Today was BUSY! God has truly given me a blessing with an organization He allowed me to begin called the Fellowship of Scrapbookers. We meet at a local Christian Bookstore that has a great deal of room once a month to scrap. We meet once a month on Thursday mornings for about 3 hours. Tomorrow is our monthly morning crop. The purpose of FOS is to (1) scrap, of course; (2) encourage one-another; (3) share about our friends and family through the scrapbooks we are creating; and (4) to be able, through our friendships, have a safe environment where people who want to know more about our faith can ask. Well, today (it's been in the works) it is official we will be adding another date on our calendar in order to reach a different demographic area. So not just Thursday morning crops....but also once a month for an all day …

I've been TAGGED!

Keep posting your INK and TEAR challenges. Easy challenge and you have until Saturday to post. The box is getting heavier!!!

I've been tagged so let’s see how this goes:
The Rules:
A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 3 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged.

10 years ago: I was homeschooling my youngest. My hair was red and curly. It was before I gained so much weight (which I've lost now). I had three boys at home, now I'm down to two. I did not know what a scrap anything was! I did not have my Amber and Hannah (grands). We had just moved to the outskirts of Columbia. My husband was in his prime and lookin' soooo good. He still looks gooooood!

Things on my to-do list today: Meet May's Felt Challenge, Designing a Class for Croppin' in Columbia, catch up with the …

Another CHA Day

The slide show is now available for those ready to upload their INK and TEAR challenge. Thank you to those who participated in the sewing challenge. If your project does not show up on the slide show within 12 hours of submitting it let me know asap at I check my emails regularly throughout the day.

As promised I want to share some more pictures and some layout pictures I took from the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. I need to show off my PEA family today and tell you about something I won! Emily ... if you’re out there .... she won one also! I'm excited. You should have seen Emily scream and jump up and down. That's okay Emily I did too!

Well, here are some pictures from the Two Peas Ice Cream social.
Our English Pea!Peas everywhere!
The nicest of Peas and uber talented! Thanks for the book and the Maya Road goodies guys. Anyone remember who these belong to? Leave a comment if you know. She said she was "just behind the scenes." We all kno…

And the LOVE Continues

I'm excited about our month of LOVE. It has been fun to see everyone's creations and how some of you really stretched yourself to complete the challenges. RitaS joined in late but got it in. this layout was done for a friend who has a special needs child. I think it is great. All the layouts and cards were over the top. You gave me ideas on how I can use sewing on my cards espeically.

Without further ado the winner is ................. "I Can Do This. LO" Congratulations! Send me your address via my email at I'm leaving the slide show up for another day while you work on the next challenge. I really want everyone to enjoy the hard work you did for this challenge.

On a Personal Note:
I had a blast at CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) trade show. I met so many online friends, scrapbooking celebrities, made new friends and saw tons of new products. I'm drooling right now as I think of them. Kelly Polsons' line with Fiskars is going to be …

Sewing Challenge now open and you can post your paper product at the end of the slide show. Remember to add your name to your post and also post a comment.

Lizzard your email did not come through...try again at Congrats!

I'll be back later to post updates on my trip and sneak peek of the new challenge!! Don't forget the scavenger hunt is coming up. Hint: start checking out my links. I'll be adding a lot more before the hunt so check back often.

1. New friends
2. Safety
3. Ton of Fiskateer love
4. Ton of Pea love
5. God's love!

Winner and Week #3 Challenge

Whew, it has been a rough day. The USPS said they lost something very important. But it was found by the person who recieved it. Then I ordered a special book three days ago and paid for overnight delivery. Not here yet. Trying to pack for CHA, but not wanting to pack too much. Jacob sick and Tabitha very sick.
News: the group I formed Fellowship of Scrapbookers is growing. We usually meet once a month opening our crop/fellowship to the community. We are now reaching out to women with small children who can't get away during the week so now we will have a whole new crew meeting once a month on Saturday at our church. Pauline R. came to me with the idea and I was overwhelmed and excited. FOS was founded September 2007 and hosts about 20 women and 5 homeschooled children. We meet in a beautifully rustic bookstore and crop, play games, have classes, and most of all gloryify God through our fellowship. All this is grace from a loving God.
Here are two more Basic Grey layouts that were c…