Day Three and the Hunt is Moving Forward

I so loved the cards everyone made. If you did not make one yesterday, please follow up and make one later. They are so different and the ones you made are beautiful and funny.

Day Three

Let's visit one of my favorite blogs Crafty Cafe. Go in, take a look around and leave a comment there and leave a comment on this blog of something new you have learned. I so love her latest layout.

Unexpected Destinations has a really good challenge for you today. It is a little harder, but really great. Check out her blog, create your project, leave her a comment and post your finished project on the slide show. Always remember if someone asks you to do a layout it does not necessarily mean do a 12 x 12, but can be any size that works for you. Unexpected Destinations has online classes you can take. I plan on looking into signing up for one. I love challenges or classes that really stretch me.

Have fun today.

Gratitude List
1. My friend Anita is going to be alright.
2. Prayers that move mountains
3. Holly
4. Angie
5. God, who gives friends for coffee, for fellowship, for sharpening, and for loving.


  1. Great site !! I have done folds in layouts before, just never thought of putting a pop dot behind it for dimension !! Great Idea !!

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    That space is great!! i'm really enjoying getting to know all of these wonderful sites ur sending us 2:) till now i never thought that folding paper on a LO looked any good, but now i have to take that back, the last LO she did proved me wrong...i'm gonna have to try it soon as well!! Kris #2961

  3. txpackrat10:34 AM

    Love your blog. So glad I clicked on your link at 2ps. I've never done a challenge, but just had to say, I love the music on your blog. "I can only imagine" always brings tears to my eyes....Happy Tears that is!!! Thanks!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing a great site! I learned a new way to add beads to a page, her layout is incredible.

  5. Loved the Crafty Cafe site! she finally gave me a way to turn one-sided paper into double-sided without it looking tacky -- much better idea than I'd ever had. Will definitely have to try folding in a layout now!

  6. Loved the crafty cafe website. I found a new link to a sketch website..I love sketches!!! I also liked her layout with the folded corners..thanks for sharing. I have checked out Debbie Hodge's website. I'll have to see how dd is tonight and hopefully can complete her challenge.

  7. Great visit to the crafty craft site. I love how the folding corners look. I have never tried this before. marla#3291

  8. I love the idea of a gratitude list! Beautiful blog!

  9. Loved the crafty cafe- great site. never thought of using pop dots to hold up folds, will be good to know.

  10. I just posted my LO on the side show
    Coco #3609

  11. Oh Deborah aren't you sweet! Thanks for sending people my way! :)


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