Winner and Week #3 Challenge

Whew, it has been a rough day. The USPS said they lost something very important. But it was found by the person who recieved it. Then I ordered a special book three days ago and paid for overnight delivery. Not here yet. Trying to pack for CHA, but not wanting to pack too much. Jacob sick and Tabitha very sick.
News: the group I formed Fellowship of Scrapbookers is growing. We usually meet once a month opening our crop/fellowship to the community. We are now reaching out to women with small children who can't get away during the week so now we will have a whole new crew meeting once a month on Saturday at our church. Pauline R. came to me with the idea and I was overwhelmed and excited. FOS was founded September 2007 and hosts about 20 women and 5 homeschooled children. We meet in a beautifully rustic bookstore and crop, play games, have classes, and most of all gloryify God through our fellowship. All this is grace from a loving God.

Here are two more Basic Grey layouts that were challenges from Fiskateers.
Okay, okay...........

The winner is "Flower I made and put it on a card." All these flowers are wonderful. Can you find the one made from a coke can? LOL All of them were so different and beautiful. Yeah! I'm proud of all you for making your flower. Some said they were "out of their comfort zone" making these. I hope you make many more. Send me your snail mail address at Since I will be leaving in the morning for CHA I will have to mail out the RAK either next Friday or Saturday. Thank you for your patience. If you don't hear back from's okay. I will be in contact when I get back.

New Challenge
Okay I'm going to make this one a little, but not much, harder. The boxes are getting bigger and bigger. Remember the picture I post is what is in the RAK as of January 31...I've been cleaning and finding specials to put in the RAK box. But isn't it nice to get wonderful surprises. I'm going to have to take new pictures. This only about half of what is in the RAK box!
#3 Week Challenge:

I need to remind you that I can not mail outside of the continental US. If you have contacts in the states I will be glad to mail it to them and let you work it out between the two of you. Thank you for your understanding and our first winner was from Canada.

I want some sewing going on. Stitch a card, layout, paper craft...loads of stitching or a few stitches. This is one of my favorite things to do. I keep a sewing machine in my studio and I have tons of thread and embroidery floss. All size needles. I would like to give a recommendation or two.

Tim Holtz Ruler (YouTube demo)
It has measured holes so you can punch your holes before you sew and make sure they are exactly like you want it to be.

Chatterbox Doodle Genie
Breezy (just ordered)
I love these products. They have swirls and hearts you can trace out and I fill my with glitter glue, paint, or doodle on the page directly, but all three have flourishes or hearts made with pre-punched holes. I punch out my shape with the pattern and a needle than I go back and stitch.

Some computers have a font called "stitch." I've actually printed out large words with this font and hand stitched following the stitching on the font. Several posts down there is a guide for different types of stitches.

Complete your challenge, then come back here Friday afternoon and I’ll have a slide show where you can upload your project.

If you have questions leave them on the comment section. I'm going to allow this challenge to go until Sunday, morning February 17th. Then I'll put up Challenge #4.

I hope everyone is having fun. I certainly am.

Gratitude List:
1. My children's health improvement
2. I've stayed well.
3. Nan, Penny, Sonja, Sharon, and roomies at CHA.
4. For the kindness I know I'll find in California.
5. God's hand of protection on me both today and for the rest of the week.


  1. IWON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!! thanks so much!!! I sent you an email containing the information you need. Hope it went thru!

  2. Congrats Winner of last weeks RAK. I love sewing on my cards, LO and much more. Yes I do have connections to the USA.

  3. OK now where do I add my stitched item??? I am lost again LOL Cristal/blueyecicle #3405

  4. hi! my first time visiting your blog and wanted to drop you a line to let you know what i think.....I love it! your ideas are great...especially creating your own flowers - I'm off to make some now :)

  5. Well I made this very special card for my Friend for her birthday. I don't usually cross stitch on a card but I had this sweet flower pattern lying around and decided to cross stitch it just for her. She will be able to take it of the card and use it as a bookmark if she wants to.

  6. i added a layout of the sewing Challenge, had done it before but had to redo it due to some mistakes and nothing seemed to stick, so i did most of it in sewing. Congradulations to all the winners in the past three Challenges!

  7. Sorry i forgot to add my link so here it is...

  8. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Hi Debby, hope u enjoyed ur trip:)
    I added 2 cards i made for the sewing challenge...thanks for the chance of winning :) Kris # 2961here's the link...

  9. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Congrat's to everyone who's won so far. I've bin wanting to try this style card for awhile now and finally got around to it for the 'Sewing Challenge'. Carol #2967

  10. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Hi Debby. I did a LO of My DS helping me with a rug.. I still don't know how to upload it to your blog..It's in my profile.. and yes I have connection to the U.S.. we ship lots of stuff across the border.. we have a parcel drop of and a post office box there.. Thanks Mariah # 2457

  11. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I'm adding a card I made for a friend at christmas.
    I love to stich on my projects it makes them so elegant and unique.
    here's my link

  12. Ok I posted my card, it is Sew Nice Of You! I am Fiskateer #3405 Pinky...Thanks for holding the contest!

    49 of those things...{bowing down to you} LOVE all the buttons...
    thanks for playing...your layout is fabulous!! and the photo...seriously ca-yute


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