Day 2 Scavenger Hunt Challenge

First let me remind you, you do not have to do the challenge everyday, but the more times you enter the more chances you will have to win.

There are two blogs I want you to visit today (Monday). First take a look around Ali Edwards (link to the left) blog. Make a comment on her blog and come back and comment here on something you found out new. The second blog has a challenge for you to make. Simple and quick, but I know you'll love it.

Go to Lolo Schpadora
Meet her challenge
Leave her a comment
Post your finished project on this slide show here.

Take the time to look around, do this fabulous project...I'm going to do it also. The more you post in comments and on the slide the more changes to win the RAK Challenge.

I'm still looking for the winner of the Ink and Tear Challenge. Email me soon.

I worked at my first show. I was asked to work for Stamp Camp at the StampScrapArt Tour. At the time I said yes, I did not know I would be filling in for the owner and running the booth myself. After a bit of nervousness, I fell in love with the people, the product and everyone that was there with the Tour. They were great, a family. This was the first time the Tour had come to South Carolina so I hope we were able to give them a warm enough welcome to have them come back again.

Me and at Stamp Camp Gratitude:
1. I made it through without passing out from exhaustion
2. New friends
3. New possibilities
4. Meeting a Pub Pea
5. God's overwhelming grace and mercy


  1. The winner from last week is Lisa. She is on vacation this week and I don't know how often she is checking in.

  2. Thanks and I'll hold it for her.

  3. I learned how to paint over cardstock and make a wonderful cover for a mini book on Ali's blog.

  4. Anonymous5:49 PM

    I also learned how to make the cardboard cover, can't wait to try it. Thanks for the great link.

  5. It looks like all of us took a liking to Ali's textured mini-album cover and pages. Just great. And I would never have thought to repeat that throughout the entire thing.

  6. I really haven't done many mini albums...but this one was really cute! I have the will have to try her lacy cover !! Thanks Debby !

  7. Anonymous7:14 PM

    hi debby
    i just added my card for the day 2 scavanger hunt... Kris #2961

  8. I visited both blogs. I like the mini album cover ali did last week. Lolo's diamond card is one I'll have to make at a later date. My dd is having many melt downs tonight. I don't think she feels good. --robindiane #2953

  9. I learned how to paint a lovely lacy cardstock cover for a mini book, I'm sure gonna try it some day.
    I just put my diamond shaped card for the scavenger hunt on your slide.
    Coco #3609


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