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I've been tagged so let’s see how this goes:
The Rules:
A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.
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10 years ago: I was homeschooling my youngest. My hair was red and curly. It was before I gained so much weight (which I've lost now). I had three boys at home, now I'm down to two. I did not know what a scrap anything was! I did not have my Amber and Hannah (grands). We had just moved to the outskirts of Columbia. My husband was in his prime and lookin' soooo good. He still looks gooooood!

Things on my to-do list today: Meet May's Felt Challenge, Designing a Class for Croppin' in Columbia, catch up with the last three Scripture Challenges. Do not stay awake until 3 am to get it done! It can wait.

What I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire: My tithe to the church. I would give major donations to the Children's Hospital, Parkinson's Research, Susan G. Kolman for the Cure, and the Heart Association. Make sure all four of my children are secure as well as my grands. I would make sure that my mother, mother and father in-law and both our sisters and their children were secure. I would launch my own scrapbooking business...I don't need the money so it would be a fun, energetic business that raises funds for charity. I would buy that out of the way place with a pond stocked with fish. I'd have a house with a wrap around porch and a scrapping studio three times the size I have now. I'd have a landscaper come and add all the colors of the rainbow to our yard. This would be our escape and a place to restore our souls when life gets tough. I also have four very special friends I would give to also. You can see Jim and I have thought this through. But we don't play the lottery. But we do dream.

3 of my bad habits: Over commitment; a little (very little) intolerant of people not meeting their commitments; COFFEE by the buckets!

3 places I have lived: Berlin, Germany; Weisband, Germany, Bangor Maine

5 jobs that I have had: worked as an inspector in a cotton mill (early years); took appointments for Olen Mills; Day Care wrangler; teacher and director at Columbia International University's Ministry Teams and Leadership Development; and Assistant Director for Student Retention Services for the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships at the University of South Carolina. Whew!

5 things people don’t know about me: question is do I want to tell my secrets? LOL (1) I don't even know my real hair color; (2) I want to bring peace on earth through paper crafting; (3) I really do love grits; (4) I wanted to be a lawyer and the founder of a children's home; (5) I still dream about my Chatty Cathy, blonde pigtails, Canadian ... 1962!

Okay, I tag Angie, Emily, and Angela.

Here’s Another CHA Day in pictures. This is Celebrity Day....I've already posted several of my favorites...here's a few more folks that have really inspired me in the industry.

Maybe not a celebrity to you, but he has my vote for nicest sales person on earth. This is Justin with Chatterbox and he's great! We had a few minutes of fun at the Chatterbox booth.
Melody Ross. When I started scrapbooking this woman inspired me to the bottom of my toes. For their MIM 2006 contest (part1 and part 2) I made a beautiful, heart warming, labor of love album about my dad we had lost to Parkinson. I didn't place or win...But I'm glad I was inspired to try because I've inspired others to do the same. Thanks, Melody
This is one of the sweetest young ladies I've ever met. Love Elise. I walked around looking at her new line just gushing over the whole line, not realizing that Elise was my sales lady. Talk about red. It was great that I love her line so much!!
This was a surprise from China. We talked like we knew each other. That's the advantage of Blogs I guess. I love Heidi Swapp. She was just great. We both have her lip glitter gloss on. We look cute together. If only some of that talent would rub off on me!Tim Holtz…one of my heroes. He's certainly daring and uber talented. I felt like a stalker at the Ranger booth. But he's a great teacher and his product lines are off the charts. Our LSS ordered some of his line for the first time. And we received some of the StampersAnonymous Tim Holtz line stamps and will be ordering more. Make sure to check out his blog regularly as he does a once a month challenge and teaches a technique or how to use some of the tools of the trade. Don't miss him there. And he has some wonderful links to other artists that are great. Donna from Leah's Desktop Dictionary, Fiskateer, and PEA...and she does smile all the time and is upbeat. She also has a beautiful daughter.
Elena from the Nifty 50 Photo opps everywhere during the Fiskateer gathering at the Fiskar's booth for Anglea's group shot!

Ali Edwards is another one that has inspired me in the past to push harder. A Designer's eye for scrapbooking had a wonderful canvas layout that my mother asked me to try and lift. Well, I did my best to lift the project "Whole." I made this layout with the thought of my mother and me reconciling our relationship after so many years. She treasures it greatly. Thank you, Ali.

On a Personal Note:
This is my youngest son. Sigh......... They grow up way too fast. He's in the Air Force ROTC and he has finally found something at school he loves and is good at. When I saw him in his uniform I started crying. He reminded me so much of my father and how proud I was that he served his country for over 20 years.

Gratitude List:

1. Good friends

2. God's perfect timing

3. God strength

4. God's direction for my life

5. Peace that passes all my own understanding!


  1. I would have been starstruck seeing Heidi Swapp and Tim Holtz, they are my favorites! You are so lucky.


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