Another CHA Day

The slide show is now available for those ready to upload their INK and TEAR challenge. Thank you to those who participated in the sewing challenge. If your project does not show up on the slide show within 12 hours of submitting it let me know asap at I check my emails regularly throughout the day.

As promised I want to share some more pictures and some layout pictures I took from the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. I need to show off my PEA family today and tell you about something I won! Emily ... if you’re out there .... she won one also! I'm excited. You should have seen Emily scream and jump up and down. That's okay Emily I did too!

Well, here are some pictures from the Two Peas Ice Cream social.

Our English Pea!

Peas everywhere!

The nicest of Peas and uber talented!

Thanks for the book and the Maya Road goodies guys. Anyone remember who these belong to?

Leave a comment if you know. She said she was "just behind the scenes." We all know what that means.

Many, many thank yous for all your hard work.

Okay what did I win? What did Emily win? Drum roll, Please..............

Yes, It is from Making Memories.

It's the SLICE! What ya want? SLICE!! That is what I yelled for two days before winning. Then I rooted for my friends. Two of them also won a SLICE.

What is the SLICE? It is a very portable, as you can see it is the size of my hand...die cut machine. It has an SD card you insert for alphabets, numbers, and shapes. I watch the demonstrator do it one time and when she turned her head to help someone I picked it up and in just a matter of seconds I was cutting out a beautiful flower. No learning curve here people. It can cut from 1/2 inch to 4 inches. Again perfect for a crop. It took no time to set it and cut my pattern. This is more my style. It actually does not come out in the stores until July. That's when they will ship mine to me. So I screamed and jumped up and down. I haven't been this excited since, well just a few minutes prior to the drawing. Everything at CHA was exciting. BTW you can run it off the rechargeable batteries or the AC. When the AC is connected the batteries are charging and you can use it while it’s charging. Watch out crops here I come!

Here's my little discovery. Graphic 45Gratitude List:
1. Staying awake today
2. Having fun with Monika and Nan
3. Basic Grey :}
4. 15 years of sheer fun with my son
5. My loving Father who gives me strength each day to move forward.


  1. I'm so excited that you won something so great! It sounds like you had SUCH a good time!

  2. I'd seen that the SLICE was coming out...and now that you've shared your experience with it I really, Really, REALLY want one when they come out!

    Looks like CHA was so much fun!

  3. Debby thank you so much for sharing these photos! It looks like so much fun.

    Psst... you've been tagged on my blog!

    Have a wonderful blessed evening.

  4. Wow Deb! looks like you had a blast @ CHA!! Good for you! Congrats on winning the new Slice die cutter too!

  5. I'm glad you ended up having a great time at CHA! Sounds wonderful. We're you able to meet up with the Scrap Pink Girls? I hope so...


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