Day Five Scavanger Hunt

Well today is very full so on with...
Day Five Scavenger Hunt

First blog to visit is that of Nathalie at Scrapbook-Trends . She was recently published in Sommerset Memories magazine. Nathalie is an artist. This is a different style of scrapbooking and she is one of the best at it. She has tutorials you might want to check out. But just enjoy the eye candy, leave a comment, and come back here and leave a comment on your favorite technique or layout/project.

The second blog to visit is that of my friend Deb Wiskers at Live, Love, Laugh, Create. Complete her challenge, leave her a comment, and post your project on the slide show here. If you complete this project you will be counted twice for it in RAK. Deb has a great and important challenge, but it is a little tough. I know you are up for the challenge.

Gratitude List:
1. Scrapbook Opportunities
2. Possibilities
3. God's hand on my life
4. Lessons
5. The cleft of the Rock He hides me in for the moments I need to be shielded.


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    i really enjoyed that space! Totally loved the german of it:) i can speak and write it as well ( not that good at the writing part
    on almost every LO there's chipboard lettering and perfect wording... i love that about her LO's and also the bright solid colors...just wonderfully done...
    kris #2961

  2. I looked through quite a bit of her blog, and the layout that grabbed my attention was definitely the first one on the site where she'd used the screenprinting. Who would have even thought to do something like that? I LOVE it! And I loved every other layout I saw there as well. She is certainly an artist.

  3. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Just finished all of day 5:) wonderful challenge Deb had for us!! kris #2961

  4. how wonderful to find a fellow scrapbooker that speaks and writes german. thanks for the link,
    her site is great she does wonderful work. I aspecially loved the use of arcrylic screen painting, something I'v done but never thought of using for scrapbooking,
    I also loved her use of clipboard, and the way she used bright and bold colors.

  5. I really enjoyed the technique of needle felting that I saw on her website. It sure made a beautiful flower. Marla #3291

  6. I tried Deb's challenge. Color wheel stuff is hard for me with the few supplies I readily have on hand, but I tried going very monochromatic, or at least staying within one color family. I think I did okay. Her challenge was hard!

  7. Finished the color challenge - I went with the blue bazill color family. Great challenge. marla #3291

  8. just finished my color wheel LO. Did hues of the secondary color green with a tiny touch of its complementary red.
    Really enjoyed this challange,
    Coco #3609


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