Day Four Scavanger Hunt Challenge/Rak

Happy Milestone to Debby's Dare.
This is my 100th Post. Wahoo!
I'm blown away by all the wonderful projects and comments you have posted here. My hope is that you have tons of fun, learn many different ways of doing paper projects, and that you go away knowing that you are the best!

Day Four Challenge

Okay, for today go to Wide Open Spaces to visit Fiskateer Paula. Go through her blog, but on right hand side she has links to tutorials, projects, etc. Check them out. They are wonderful. Leave her an encouraging comment, then come back here and leave a comment on something you have learned or liked about her blog.

Secondly, go to Life As I Scrap It , scroll down to the heading "I love busy days." You will find a sketch of a beautiful layout. But it's upside down. LOL Meet her challenge, post a comment on her blog, and post your project on the slide show here. You only have to do the layout and not a mini-book. BTW: Shere and I ended up at the same StampScrapArt Show this past weekend and we didn't know we would both be working. It was a hoot when I found out and went down to introduce myself. She is one of the nicest people and her daughter is a beauty inside and out. I hope you enjoy Life As I Scrap It.

My days are starting to come together a bit more since CHA. It was shear chaos for awhile. But my motto this past week has been "Be still and know I Am God." Close my eyes, Breathe, and then Smile. It works to just be still and reflect on God's goodness and grace. He not only has a plan for my life, He has a plan for my day. Enjoy your day. Take a moment and "Be still."
This is a picture my granddaugther (3 years old) took of me at her last visit. Too much fun. Question of the Day: Where did Hannah get those "ears?"
Gratitude List:
1. Taco Salad (not suppose to be eating it, but it's better than eating chocolate!)
2. Anita's good news that she does not have an aneurism, God protection on her life
3. Fiskateer Holly
4. God's hand on my health and on Cheryl's health
5. God's beautiful blessing with my children and grandchildren.


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    loved paula's space...i just learned how to make collages with the computer!! so excited can't wait to try this out...paula explained it so well and now it seems so siple...thank u for sending us to her space 2day:) just added her to my favorite list:)
    kris #2961

  2. I checked out Paula's blog, in particular spent some time looking through her altered items. I absolutely LOVED her personalized Christmas baubles!!

  3. Wonderful tutortials on Paulas blog. I was so excited to see how easy it was with the shape cutter to make scalloped circles. I will definitely being given that a whirl on some of my pages and even cards!!! Marla#3291

  4. visited paula's space
    spent quite some time checking out her things, she does the most beautiful work.
    I loved her christmas baubles and commented on them.
    loved the cool way she used hearts to create a scalloped cicle, and will be sure to try it someday.

  5. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Hi debbie
    just finished day 4 of ur wonderful scavenger hunt!! i'm having alot of fun!!:)
    Kris #2961

  6. Just finished day 4 challange
    thanks for the challanges, I'm really making headway in my scrapbooking I'v been putting off.

  7. Thanks for all the great sites, I will get to all of them eventually. Once I rest up from being on vacation(isn't vacation supposed to be relaxing!)

  8. My grandmother sews and has been all my life she is also a painter and has really lovely paintings


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