Home for the Holidays Archives

It is the Christmas Crafty Season.  I wanted to make the archive for 12 Days of Home for the Holidays available for you to be inspired or re-inspired by the many guests who participated in 12 Days of Home for the Holidays.  There are crafters from around the world and all of them have a story.  A story that gives us a sneak peek into their traditions for the Winter Holidays.  I hope you enjoy their stories the first time or once again when you were part of that fun time of the year called the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays.

There are tutorials for all different types of crafts as well as yummy family recipes.  You will find yourself adding new traditions to your own family's winter holidays.   Sit back and enjoy.

*All giveaways offered on any of these posts are closed and have been awarded.  Thank you.

Day  1  Teresa Collins
Day  2  Cheryl Waters
Day  3  Maggie Holmes
Day  4  Jennie Bowlin
Day  5  Kathy Cano-Murillo
Day  6  Candy Rosenberg
Day  7  Katrina Hunt
Day  8  Stephenie Haman
Day  9  Catherine Schanlon
Day 10 Christy Tomlinson
Day 11 Leslie Ashe
Day 12 Ken Oliver

Day  1  Becky Olsen
Day  2  Lisa Swift
Day  3  Kelli Crowe
Day  4  Jennifer Gallacher
Day  5  Angela Daniels
Day  6  Debbie Buckland
Day  7  Cheryl Mezzetti
Day  8  Irene Tan
Day  9  Pam Bray
Day 10 Irit Shalon
Day 11 Jen Matott
Day 12 Cheryl Waters

Day  1 Ali Edwards
Day  2 Francine Clouden
Day  3 Patti Milazzo
Day  4 Hilde Janbroers-stolk
Day  5 Aly Dosdall
Day  6 Erin Bassett
Day  7 Roni Johnson
Day  8 Katrina Kennedy
Day  9 Tiffancy Windsor
Day 10 Michelle Cummings
Day 11 Cheryl Waters
Day 12 Tammy Tutterow

Day  1 Lindsey Moore
Day  2 Tami Bayer
Day  3 Jennifer Stewart
Day  4 Amy Coon
Day  5 Laura Bray
Day  6 Jen Martakis
Day  7 Cristal Hobbs, aka Pinky
Day  8 Connie Mercer
Day  9 Lisa Fulmer
Day 10 Margie Romney-Aslett
Day 11 Suz Gray aka., scraftysuz
Day 12 Diane Schultz

Day  1 Erin Bassett
Day  2 Crystal Jeffrey Rieger
Day  3 Elena Etcheverry
Day  4 Lisa Pace
Day  5 Margot Potter
Day  6 Suze Weinburg
Day  7 Nathalie Kalback
Day  8 Yvonne Busdeker
Day  9 Nikki Sivils
Day 10 Donna Salazer
Day 11 Patter Cross
Day 12 Angie Schuster, Sudie Alexander, Ruth Adam