Day 12, 12 Days of Home for the Holdays

This has been an enriching, inspiring and enlightening 12 Days. Thank you to all of my guest bloggers that were kind enough to give of their time and talent in order to share their holiday traditions with us.

My first guest is someone you might have read about anywhere anyone asks me the questions “how did you get into scrapbooking?” Angie Schuster is that person that taught me scrapbooking and created a beginning of the passion I have today for papercrafting. Her faith is incredible and so real.

She says about her:
I’ve been scrapping for about 12 years but for the last year or so, I’ve been diving into digital scrapping and loving it! My most recent project has been Debby’s ‘All About You in 52” challenge. I’ve really been enjoying setting down MY childhood memories for my kids. You can see some of my digital layouts for Debby’s challenge on my blog, Much Ado About Nothing  or in my gallery at Scrapbook .com.  Another favorite hobby of mine is one that goes conveniently hand in hand with scrapping; photography. Feel free to visit my photo blog Angel Photography and leave comments. I love feedback!

Ms. Angie Schuster

My absolute favorite tradition is one we started only eight years ago. Although, in a manner of speaking, it’s been around since I was about thirteen years old. Growing up, my family spent every summer in the mountains of Tennessee along with many friends from our church. We would all rent cabins and spend a week swimming, kayaking, shopping, or just hanging out. It was such a wonderful way to grow up. It was even instrumental in my budding relationship with my husband.

These wonderful summers ended, however, not too long after I got married. We were sad that our children wouldn’t have that experience. Over the years we would reminisce about Roan Mountain and how cool it would be to spend a Christmas up there one year. We finally decided to make it happen and in 2001, my parents, my sisters, and our families, all spent our first Christmas at Roan Mountain together.

Having grown up in Florida, we had never had a real tree before, so on Christmas Eve we chopped down our first real tree ever. Then we spent the day stringing popcorn and cranberries and making our own homemade ornaments. (We did bring the lights, though!) It was so much fun! It snowed, too, something else we were not used to. We had such a wonderful time that we go back to Roan Mountain every year that my family is together for Christmas. Now our children have these precious memories, too! That first Christmas at Roan Mt., I announced my pregnancy with our third child. His name is Roan.

This page is about Roan Mt. and From All About You in 52 Dare Questions, #23 ‘’What family gathering brings you the most joy or refreshment?”

Thank you Angie
Merry Christmas, Dean, Angie, Alyssa, Kai and Roan

My wonderful firend and co-hort, Ms. Sudie Alexander. We were Pea’s before we were friends. As great of friends we’ve become we have never scrapbooked together! Sudie has a great love for her family and for her craft. Her daughters are like my grandchildren. 

You can find Sudie at
Personal Blog, Simply Sudie
unKit, owner  an unconvential unKit non-club for scrapbookers
JumpCreate, owner
unKit Live, Monday night live interactive broadcast.
Follow her on Twitter @unkit.

Sudie works for Scrapbook Royalty and has currently been tapped to hold a position to head up a charitable endeavor involving youth in the state of South Carolina.

Ms. Sudie Alexander

The tree is such an important part of our Holiday. Growing up my sister and I, along with Mama and Daddy decorated the Christmas tree together as a family.

It all began with Daddy stringing the lights. He did this with military precision. Nothing started until every strand was hung equitable. Nothing.

Next, the family spent one evening listening to Christmas music while hanging the ornaments that had been either handed down, or handcrafted. My sister literally threw them on, while I agonized over each sparkly placement. When we were finished, Mama would let us enjoy hot chocolate and Grandmama’s pinwheel cookies.

In 2004 we began a new tree tradition. Our sweet daughter was part of the Angel Tree ballet. This was the start of a new tradition for our own family.

Thank you Sudie and Merry Christmas Dave, Sudie, Audry and Meme

Ruth is my mentor and my friend. I can’t begin to describe how much she means in my life. You will often find her on my Gratitude Lists. Ruth is a Bible teacher, Mentor and Artist. Ruth has no blog or website, but the fruit of her love for God is found in the hearts and minds of the women she works with and with her family. Ruth as chaired the Columbia Artists Guild and has won numerous awards and recognition for her art.

Ms. Ruth Adam

One of the most memorable moments of Christmas for my twin brother and me was the baking of the Christmas cookies. We were excited to help with the decorating of each cookie, trying to get the sprinkles on the cookie and not the pan. The favorites were a spritz butter cookie and, of course, a peanut
butter. My mom rarely baked so we couldn't wait to eat them, but Mom would put them in tins to store away for the big day. The ones we got to taste before Christmas were the burnt ones.

Now the tradition that is followed today is that I manage to burn a batch of cookies (not to black, but overdone!) because I really developed a taste for burnt cookies!!

My favorite time at Christmas is the telling of the birth of Jesus and all that means to my precious grandchildren.

Ms. Ruth created this mirror for her youngest granddaughter Macy.

“The dogwood flowers were pressed in the spring from the tree in our woods. The mirror has goldleaf (real) on the turnings with fringe added on the bottom.”

Ruth you are truly incredible. I love ya!

Merry Christmas Dave and Ruth!

Thank you everyone for join me for the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays. Registration is still open for 52 weeks of Homemade Families. I’ll be sharing more information very soon.

Gratitude List
1. Debby’s Dare blog readers
2. friends who example God’s love to me
3. creative fun
4. God’s provision for my family
5. Smiles and Laughter, without it what would I do


  1. Oh, Debby, I need that Tim Holtz ribbon! I've looked everywhere for it and it seems like everyone has sold out, or don't carry it.

    To all your guest: I love their stories of family traditions, (although, I don't see how ANYONE can actually develope a taste for burned cookies! LOL) but I did enjoy the stories.

    So, come on everyone leave a comment and Debby, pick me for the ribbon! Oh, I ordered my pink Tattered Angels Misting Mat!!!! It's on the way!! Can't wait!

  2. Thank you all for the wonderful Christmas stories. It is such a pleasure.

  3. I love your cookie story--I remember our tradition of baking cookies. I just did that yesterday at my mom's house making our fav-cutout cookies. :) I'm planning to scrap those memories. I love the mirror. Wonder where she got it at I would love to do one for my daughter's room.mmm i will have to look around at stores.

  4. Debby, I am sorry to see this come to an end. I have really enjoyed reading about everyone's Christmas traditions. Thanks for doing this.

  5. Debby - this has been a real treat, learning more about these artists in a personal way.

    Ruth - that mirror is fabulous! what a treat

    Sudie - love the tree layout you included - it's funny how people from the same family approach trimming the tree

    Angie - that layout is beautiful - and what great memories you have of this special place.

    Thanks ladies for taking the time to share an inside look at what is special to you.

  6. I so love these ladies work.. Wonderful inspiration ladies thank you so much..

    Debbie I don't have any TH flim strip ribbon I can't get it up here in Canada...

    Janie Boots

  7. The projects and stories are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them :)

  8. OH! Lovely ideas, ladies! I can remember making, icing and decorating my Grandma's recipe for Sugar Cookies at Christmas. Such FUN! I did it with my children and am now doing it with my Grandchildren! So much fun and the pics each year are so funny. Thanks for the memories! I would LOVE that ribbon, never seen it before, but would just be awesome for some of my layouts. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Happy Holidays!
    Me-Ma Kim

  9. what are we all going to do tomorrow? I have enjoyed this so much.

  10. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I especially love that mirror but all the LOs are pretty and all the shared stories are wonderful. If I win the ribbon I will share with our FOY!!! Donna Woods # 6036

  11. You have such lovely friends, Debbie - makes me think you must be one yourself! Such inspiration today! I am bursting with it! My gratitude list today will include Debbie's Dare.

  12. Debbie, you have the most wonderful fountain of friends flowing in your life! I love that Angie named her son Roan! I love how Sudie talks about Ruth being her mentor and why. I pray every woman is as blessed to have a "Ruth" in their life. I am! And the mirror that Ruth made - OMGoodness!

    Thanks for the great 12 days of home for the holidays!


  13. Gonna miss these daily about doing 25 days of Christmas??? Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration everyone!!!

  14. maryannehoekman527111:51 AM

    What wonderful Christmas stories! Thank You for sharing with me!!!

    Happy Holidays to all!!

  15. So great to meet more of your scrappy friends. I love that Tim Holt film ribbon!! What fun to see projects from all these talented ladies the last 12 days!! Thanks for organizing all of this!!

  16. Thanks for the fun & interesting 12 days Debbie!

  17. Ooops, sorry, Debby. My husband distracted me & I spelled your name wrong on my other post.

  18. Cindy Brooking12:23 PM

    i have enjoyed all of the Christmas tradition stories. this was fun, Debby!

  19. Angie...Roan Mountain sounds like an ideal place to spend Christmas with family! Thanks for sharing!

    Sudie...Thanks for sharing your memories and your lovely layout!

    Ruth...I love your story about the cookies! My husband loves almost burnt takes some real effort to make them that way!lol

    Debby...Thank you so much for doing this series with your wonderful guests!! I've really enjoyed it very much!...Nancy :o)

  20. Tina S2:01 PM

    Can I make 50 comments myself? I cannot find this stuff anywhere. Would love to use it on Tim's Christmas Tag--forgot which day but it is adorable.

  21. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories! My boys love decorating the tree too - they had so much fun, we put up 2 this year (a first!)

    PS - Angie you made me cry!

  22. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Ruth I love the mirror.Sudie i love the tree lay out that you did.Angie I love the layout that you did.

    Joan Fiskateer #808

  23. What would you do with that ribbon? It's really cool though.

  24. Debby thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I have enjoyed meeting all the guest and reading their stories!

  25. Half way there. Come on I'm sure we can make it all the way to 50!!!! Great layouts Angie and Sudie. Family traditions are the best part of holiday seasons. Oh Ruth the burnt cookies... That is something that happens around here too. We bake all sorts of Christmas goodies but the only samples are the ones that aren't perfect or are burnt. Love the frame on the mirror.

  26. Thanks for introducing us to so many wonderful new people.

  27. Hey ladies, you are so inspirational and I love your stories about your personal Christmas traditions. It really gives us ideas to start new traditions in our personal families.

    Thank you Debby for sharing your 12 Days of Home for the Holidays with us. You have made our Christmas' more of a blessing for years to come!!!!

  28. Great Inspiration with this women !

  29. I have so enjoyed reading your stories! TFS!

  30. Have so enjoyed this. Thank you Deb.

  31. Angie, Sudie and Ruth, I appreciate each of you sharing your traditions with all of us here on Debby's blog. It is amazing how each family has different things to do during the holidays that seem like the holidays just wouldn't be complete without doing it.

    I am fairly new to Debby's blog, and being a fiskateer, but I know enough by now to understand that since you are each a good friend of Debby's, you each must be a special person with good qualities about you!

    Thank you again for sharing!

    Debby, thank you for lining up guests to share their traditions with us for the last 12 days! I enjoyed all of them and the variety of traditions that were special to each of them and told from their hearts.

  32. What beautiful Christmas Traditions - I love hearing all of the stories and backgrounds for you and all of your guests... Thank you for sharing your stories!

  33. Thanks to all the ladies for sharing your lives with us. I love the burnt cookies story. My also always hung the lights before anything else could be done.

  34. Oh, Debby how did I miss that you had all this 12 day lovelieness happening. Beautiful posts today with the traditions. I can completely relate to all of them in different ways. I have to read all of the other posts now. Thank you for this.

  35. What lovely traditions the ladies shared with us! Thank you to them! I would love to experience Christmas in a mountain cabin ! Just seems so cozy and "homey" !

    I'm still trying to figure out how December got here so quickly !

  36. This ribbon is amazing! Debby thanks for all the great inspiration :)

    Happy Holidays!!!!

  37. Anonymous1:22 PM

    great interviews. Fantastic projects. thanks for sharing.


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