12 Days of Home for the Holidays: Tiffany Windsor

Today's guest for the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays is Tiffany Windsor.  I got the know Cool2Craft
through Lisa Fulmer with C&T Publishing.  I love Tiffany's online Cool2Craft LIVE TV.  She is an incredible host and has some of the most gifted and inspirational crafters on her show.  She says she is crazy about crafts.  Watch Cool2Craft and you will be a believer.
I learned to work with soda cans as well as other mediums.  I always learn something and have a lot of fun.

I had the privileged to meet Tiffany at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show two summers ago.  We were able to have a little chat while we were waiting to hear the announcement of the most innovated new product. 

Welcome Tiffany!

Tiffany Windsor

As a young child, the holidays always came twice a year for me! Let me explain! In July of each year, my mother Aleene and her team of designers would decorate our home. As a craft distributing company, Aleene’s supplied mom and pop craft stores with supplies and the holidays were, of course, a very busy time. Those stores needed to decide in July what they would be selling in their stores during the holidays. That’s why they call it Christmas in July! During our open house days, my brothers, sisters and I would stand in our rooms and describe how the decorations were made. Yes! Even at the young age of 4, I knew how to talk crafts! 

This photo of me was featured in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine and I remember being in LOVE with this theme of ice cream cones. And I thought that poodle was adorable! It was a bit confusing for me to understand the difference between Christmas in July and the real thing but I quickly figured it out by shaking the boxes. If they were lightweight, that meant they were empty and so that meant that the “real” Christmas was yet to come!

Because my sister and I are so busy designing every day for Cool2Craft TV, we don’t always take the time to decorate our homes like we enjoyed as kids but a family Christmas get together is still top on Momma Aleene’s list of favorites. Momma always made sure that each year was memorialized with a family photo and we love to sit down and look back through those family photos. Such wonderful memories!

Tiffany M. Windsor


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I'm in love with the ice cream cone tree.  Thanks Tiffany.  Tomorrow's guest is Michelle Cummings.

Winners of Give It Your Best Shot: Lights by Katrina Kennedy are...

Debbie Buckland said...
This is the third year I have made a ginger bread house from scratch. We usually have enough ginger bread to make some shaped cookies. Fast becoming a tradition in our family too.

Karen G said...
Those are the cutest little gingerbread men!! I am having our church friends over next week for a Christmas dinner. These would be great for everyone....especially the kids!

I have bookmarked your site. I can't wait to look around. I am finally going to be getting my first "real" camera and not a cheapie. I have asked for money from my parents to go with what hubby is giving me so that I can buy a nice camera. Any suggestions on what would be a good camera to start with?

I'm really excited about doing some real photos. I hope it doesn't take me too long to learn how to take some amazing photos!!

Congratulations!  Send me an email at dspaperstudio@aol.com and I'll forward them on to Katrina.  Thanks Katrina.  FYI:  she left a link to the gingerbread boys recipe in the comments.  


  1. I love to decorate at any time of year. lol Love the ice cream cone tree--perfect for sweet tree

  2. I loved hearing about your Christmas in July story! Your pictures are so sweet. Now I have a visual in my mind every time I use my Aleen's tacky glue!!!

  3. I had never heard of cool 2 craft until today ~ I liked your site on FB and following on Twitter. Loved the video. I'n adding you to my blog~Love your site!!!

  4. So cool hearing your story Tiffany! That ice cream cone tree IS really cute!

  5. That icecream tree is something that my kids would love too! Hmmm good idea!

    Wow a winner? Me? Coolness off to send an email

  6. Love those photos! Whata cute tree!

  7. great photos! luv this!

  8. Love those memory photos. What treasures! Yes, the ice cream tree is many a child's fantasy.

  9. Such beautiful photos and what a great memory.

  10. How exciting to read todays post! What a special home to grow up in - the famous Aleen! Thank you for including the photos.

  11. Tiffany, Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us all. I loved seeing the old family photos. Your mom is such an inspiring lady. I watch Cool2Craft as often as I can. Keep up the great work.


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