Day 5 of Home for the Holidays

im·pa·tient [ im páysh'nt ]
[14th century. Via French< Latin impatient-, literally "not enduring" < pati "suffer"]
eager: eager to do something immediately, and unwilling to wait

Day 5’s guest blogger for the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays is a very “impatient crafter.” Once I read her site and her blog I understand the title of  Impatient Crafter a bit more.

Welcome Ms. Margot Potter the Impatient Crafter to Debby’s Dare. My first encounter of  Margot was during one of Rebecca Peck’s Fiskateer chats. Margot was her guest. She had us in stitches laughing. She seems so full of life and creativity. I enjoy interacting with her on Facebook and on Twitter. She has the greatest of humors to go with a crafty heart.

I read through her page of “The things that make me extremely happy” at her website "The Impatient Crafter" and I nearly died laughing. I enjoyed and at time identified with her. Here is just a few…
*My amazing daughter  *My endlessly patient husband
*Only cutting off the tip of my pinky
*Spreading my Super Girlie Good Power across the galaxy
*Rainy days that make me appreciate sunshine and give me an excuse to spend the entire day in my pajamas
*The power of forgiveness  *The power of being forgiven
*Extra dark chocolate with nuts  *Willy Wonka
*Irony (not to be confused with ironing)
*The moment my daughter reaches out her hand, slides it into mine, looks up at me, smiles big and says, “I love you.”

Margot is EVERYWHERE. I would recommend you start with her blog The Impatient Crafter.  Margot is a designer, author, mixed media artist, trash to treasure trover, freelance writer, consultant, public speaker, actor and vocalist and TV Host who creates innovative designs for manufacturers, books and magazines and teaches popular seminars and classes at craft and major jewelry industry events.
If Impatient = Incrediable then that is Margot.

Ms. Margot Potter
The Impatient Crafter

What is one Family Holiday Tradition that was handed down to you from someone in your family that you continue to observe?

I’d like to say there’s a tradition like that in our family, but we don’t actually have one. Christmas didn’t come with any long standing traditions other than just enjoying one and other’s company, giving gifts and sharing a hearty meal. We’ve kind of made up our own traditions around here. We host an annual Cookie Chaos party each year with friends and family and everyone comes to decorate sugar cookies together at our little school house. That’s always a lot of fun!

I have a Free Holiday Craft project feed on my blog and I try to post at least one or two free projects a week there. Every one of those projects has ended up on our tree along with my ever growing collection of vintage mercury glass ornaments. So making our own ornaments and gifts is a big thing around these parts. This year I’ve become obsessed with vintage Christmas cards and repurposing them.

The most important traditions for us are simple ones. Just being present with one another and connecting is the most important thing. Gifts and decorations and all of the trimmings are of course fun and as a crafter I love all of it, but what’s real isn’t covered in glitter. What matters most is remembering to cherish the love we share with our friends and family. Being present is in my mind the best present of all.

How do you preserve those traditions?

I try to remember this time of year to focus on the happy things. I had some tough holidays in the past and for a long time it was hard for me to enjoy Christmas. Then I had a kid and she reminded me of the magic of believing. So the simple joys of decorating the house, trimming the tree, listening to holiday music, laughing and sharing and connecting with family and friends are the traditions that matter most to me. They may shift and change over the years, but the underlying theme is the same. Carpe gaudium…seize joy!

I made a wreath last year for my mother, nothing too fancy or fabulous just a simple retro wreath. I took a picture of her, my sisters, myself and my daughter as kids at that moment when you open a gift and you’re filled with excitement and I made ornaments that I attached to the wreath. I added some vintage ornaments from the 40s and 50s for a retro vibe. I call it the Wreath of Joy. My mother has it now and she emailed me last week to say she’d hung it up and it made her smile. That’s the kind of tradition I really love because it reminds us that no matter how tough things might have been, there was always joy.

 {Click on the link for the instructions on how Margot made these Retrofabulous Mixed Media Holiday Necklace .}

Merry Christmas to you Margot and your family.

Margot’s blog is full of free projects. Click to see her lastest Free Holiday Teen Craft Project for iLoveToCreate.

Margot Potter's
Website: The Impatient Crafter
Blog:  The Impatient Crafter
YouTube Channel

Tomorrow’s Guest Blogger is Ms. Suz Weinburg.

Happy Saturday! We are cropping at Fiskateers!

                                               My "Tim's Tag" Day 4

Gratitude List
1. breathing and living every moment
2. laughter, my best medicine
3. God’s joy and laughter that makes it’s way into my life
4. prayers unending
5. God's heart for even me


  1. wow! love the pink jewerly! so bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The necklace and earrings look like so much fun. Makes me wish my ears were still pierced and that I knew how to wear jewerly.

  3. what adorable festive jewelry. thanks for sharing - love the cookie chaos idea

  4. Oh, what fun! I'm going to head on over to her website for a peek.....

  5. I didnt know her , good to know new talents

  6. Oh I so love those earrings!! And debby your tag came out so cool and awesome! Love it!

    Those stamps are soooo pretty!

  7. Thanks for sharing your idea's ,I visited your blog, and I like the one about recycling old Christmas cards, I have so many lying around for years already and I just can't through them out, and I love that jewlerytoo.. TFS...

  8. Tina S10:17 AM

    I can relate to "only cutting off the tip of my pinky"! I have several craft-related scars and had a run-in with the x-acto knife just last week. My son just laughs at me and brings me band aids. What a fun guest...heading to her blog right now.

  9. Oh that jewlery is just beautiful. Debby does such a good job at finding the most wonderful Guest Designers out there. Good job Ms. Margot Potter.
    XXX Rosalee #5977

  10. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I love the project.The earings and necklace are cute.I really love the stamps.Thaks for the chance to win a great prize.

    Joan Fiskateer #808

  11. Margot does some beautiful work & seems like such a fun person. I can just imagine how fun it woyld be to go to her cookie chaos party.

  12. What beautiful for sharing and have a wonderful Christmas.

  13. Beautiful jewelery! I followed the link to her blog and became a follower. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  14. I was inspired by your wreath idea and I may make one next year. But I'd like to use photos of loved ones that have passed on as a way of remembering that they are still with us in memory:)

    I enjoy making jewelry also but never thought of using scrapbook tools on them.

  15. These are fabulous...I love pink and black together. Thanks for such a fun project!

  16. As always Debbie you bring enlightenment to my day and your guest is an inspiration and such a breth of fresh air on her ideas for the Christmas season.
    Thank you all the wonderful ideas.

  17. i just love the jewlery and the tag looks fabulous!

  18. Oh, pink and reindeer. Generally I'm not much of a retro person but these I love.

  19. I am so incredibly touched by your comments. Thank you! I wish you could all come to Cookie Chaos!

    Oh and Butterfly...I have an ornament coming up on the blog I made after my grandmother died you might really love.


  20. Margot...thank you so much for sharing! I wish you a very joyful Christmas season!

    Debby...another wonderfully gorgeous tag!!

  21. Margot, I appreciate you reminding us that simple traditions are important! My side of the family did not have many real traditions. It was when I became a part of my husband's family that I learned about traditions - and I do enjoy them. A lot of ours are quite simple and I didn't even realize they were traditions until I really took the time to think about it.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I love the idea of repurposing retro Christmas cards. I love it when I come across old cards from any occasion.

  22. Margot - very nice work you create!!


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