Day 4 of the "12 Days of Home for the Holidays"

Let’s talk extraordinary. My guest for the 4th day of 12 Days of Home for the Holidays is Ms. Lisa Pace.

As a crafter and artist she has influenced and inspired me. When you read her posts on Facebook you know of her gentle nature. Her website In The Details just screams inspiration. As I “got around” the internet I would often bump into her at Wendy Vecchi’s blog, Studio 490. Wendy’s first stamp set was released and everyone went crazy with all the different things we could make with her new stamps. Here comes Lisa stamping a poinsettia on fabric, layering it and sewing on it.  That came out of left field for me. I’ve been inspired every since. I followed Wendy over to Maya Road’s blog to find Lisa quite at home. She is truly a creative soul.

Oh, yes I just discovered Lisa and I are BOTH Fiskateers!

Lisa is a multi media artist and has her first book “Delight In the Details” scheduled for publication in late January. (Maybe in time for CHA?) She loves creating items for the holidays as well as projects for everyday dome décor. On her blog “It’s In The Details” you can find lots of easy to follow step by step project tutorials. You can follower her on Facbook and Twitter

Lisa will be posting the instruction to her project on her blog “In The Details.”

Ms. Lisa M. Pace
The one family holiday tradition handed down in our family has to be creativity. Each year for as long as I can remember my mom and I have created holiday gifts and decorations for friends and family. I truly believe a handmade gift means more than anything store bought. It is a gift that comes straight from the heart. To this day Mom and I still enjoy talking about all the crazy things we have created over the years and we love pulling out all our handmade ornaments each holiday season. Some of the years reflected upon we still try to figure out what we were things. Oh, the laugh we have had at our own expense. But these are holiday memories I would never change nor want to forget.

The way I have preserved this tradition with my girls is pretty simple…we make something fun together each holiday season. When the girls were really young I would not let them purchase their gifts to give. They had to make theirs right down to the wrapping paper. I gave them cookie cutters to dip in paint and place onto cut up paper bugs then once the paint dried they used this to wrap their gifts. They loved making their own wrapping paper and talked about it for years.

When Ansley was around 5 years old she decided she would make fudge for everyone. So we filled aluminum cookie cutters with homemade chocolate fudge and wrapped each one in baggies tied with curling ribbon. That year Ansley licked so many bowls of chocolate fudge she couldn’t eat fudge for years without feeling sick. And yes we still get laughs from that one. When Terri was little she loved to paint so we poured plaster into candy molds and she created ornaments to give each family member. Now that they are older we make either an ornament or some small holiday decoration together.

It is always fun to sit and talk about tall the things we have created and each year we know we will continue adding to our handmade holiday collection just as we did this year with this Snowman ornament.

Wishing you all the very best this holiday season.


Merry Christmas Lisa and to your Family.

Tomorrow's Guest Blogger is Ms. Margot Potter.

Debby’s Dream Studio, are you catching the daily specials that are totally outrageous?!!

Tim Holtz you are killing me! One of my tags from the 12 Days of Tags.

Are you doing a December Daily? Some form or another is around the interent where you take a photo everyday of December documenting the holidays, doing holiday things, etc. I decided to just make sure I take at least one photo a day. It was nearly midnight yesterday when I remembered I did not take the photo of the day. The only one awake was Bailey Bailey. LOL Poor babe, he was asleep too but he loves me dearly.
Gratitude List
1. inspiration
2. traditions
3. even on the internet the spirit of giving is wonderfully addictive
4. God who continues to give to me unending
5. My Grandmother’s advice to me many years ago


  1. Debbie7:01 AM

    What great traditions Lisa has with both her mom and her girls. Their snowman creation this year is very cute.
    Debbie C(#4668)

  2. Thank you for the stories -- it fun going down that road....

  3. I love the crafting traditions that Lisa has with her family. My girls also love to make things with me. They look forward to that special crafting time with mom, whenever we can squeeze it in.

  4. Your tag looks awesome ! yummy MR stuff

  5. Such a great pick. Love Lisa's work! Have a great weekend!

  6. I loved reading Lisa's traditions and the snowman is adorable and very inspiring!
    Love your tag Debby and that Bailey is a cutie pie!

  7. Tina S9:49 AM

    Lisa's snowman ornament is so pretty! I remember when my girls and I made beeswax ornaments for Christmas. One of the angels' wings broke off...but we had changed colors of wax! We had one beautiful honey-colored angel with a wing patched with red. I still have it and each year it brings back a flood of memories. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  8. I am also a fan of Lisa. I love her work. Debbie you did awesome of the tag.

  9. Thanks for sharing Lisa! Sounds a lot like my Mom and I over the years! Lots of fun memories!...Nancy :o)

    Debby...gorgeous tag!! I love it!!

  10. Wow.....that sure sounds like fun...thanks for sharing, Lisa....

  11. Wonderful Story Lisa.
    Its so good to know that we have sunch wonderful talent with the Fiskateers. Can't wait to see more of your work.
    XXX Rosalee #5977

  12. I love how Lisa carried her family traditions from her childhood to her daughter's - so sweet and that snowman was really awesome!

    cute pics of you and Bailey! :)

  13. You know, I've made cross stitch xmas ornaments for a few members of my family for 30 years now. For several years before she died my grandmother had only a tabletop tree. It was filled with every ornament I had made along with a few others my sister and I had made 2 decades before in girlscouts and school. Sometimes I get a bit sad becuse I don't think of our small family as having many traditions. Thanks for reminding me that IS one.

  14. I'm enjoying hearing about everybodies traditions.I love that little snowman.

  15. I love hearing stories of the tradition of creativity passed down through families. The ornament is darling as well!

  16. We've made ornaments over the holidays for as long as I can remember. Now my nieces are enjoying the third generation of the same tradition. Can't wait to see Lisa's book.

    Will be back manana for Margot!

  17. Love that snowman ornament!

    jlh774 at gmail dot com

  18. Love that snowman ornament!

    jlh774 at gmail dot com

  19. Thanks for sharing about another fellow fiskateer Lisa!! I love the tradition of making a wonderful homemade gift for friends and family. Those Maya Road ribbons are beautiful!!

  20. Hello Lisa! Looks like I'll be spending some time reading through all the wonderful craftsy posts in your blog! Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us!

  21. The fudge story is an awesome that will be handed down. We all must remember to write these stores down so they can be share with generations to come!

    Happy Holidays!!

  22. what a great tradition - and that snowman is adorable. thanks for sharing

  23. I absolutely love Lisa's work... she is an inspiration to me also.
    The snowman is adorable...yet another project to add to my list!

  24. Anonymous7:47 PM

    That snowman is totally adorable and it's sparked an idea of my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Lisa I love your snowman project!! I have followed you for a long time as a Fiskateer and on your blog. I very much enjoyed reading your Holiday tradition. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  26. I've taken some of Lisa's fun on-line classes and she always comes up with the most clever ideas! What is it about snowmen that makes you just want to pinch their cheeks...gently of course. Too, too cute!
    When I was young, my Mom used to choose a theme every year for Christmas and decorations and tree trimming were tied in to the theme. She would stay up until the wee hours of the morning making little robes for choir boy dolls or fashioning uniforms for toy soldiers of every size. She worked alone on these projects-my sister and I were busy with our own crafting. My Mom died 32 years ago and I think she's passed on some of her genes to me. She would laugh now if she saw how many hours I spend working on projects!
    The trims are scrumptious!

  27. oh it is great to know a bit more about lisa! that snowman project is just awesome. i looove snowman decorations b/c you can keep them up all winter long

  28. Lisa this is another wonderful ornament you've created...It was very interesting to learn of the traditions that you set up with your daughters. I love your classes and am still working on them.
    Merry Christmas,
    Linda Kay Murphy

  29. I know I am late commenting, but I just read Lisa's story and I loved it! It is nice to know what traditions other people have and carry on to the next generation.

    Just reading some different blogs mademe realize that even though my husband and I don't have kids, we do carry on traditions.

    The one I do with my younger nieces and nephews, as well and my hubby and me, is getting us all a Christmas countdown calendar where we get a piece of chocolate every day. One year I couldn't find them, and I made them myself out of christmas gift boxes. They turned out okay, but I have always made sure since then that I find them ahead of time!

    Thanks again Lisa for sharing your family traditions.

    Thank you Debby for putting the 12 days of Home for the Holidays together for all of us. I have really enjoyed every guest you have picked so far!


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