12 Days of Home for the Holidays: Day 12 with Diane Schultz

It's Day 12.  Can you believe the time has gone so fast?  The month has started off with warm memories, traditions, recipes, and crafts.  Sounds perfect.  Well, I'm not finished yet.  Today's guest, Diane Schultz CEO - Designer, Graphic 45 is an incredibly awesome woman...talented is not even the best word for her!  Her vision of designing art for paper in the scrapbooking/altered art world changed the direction of designs across the industry.  On top of all she has accomplished throughout her life she is a warm and fun person.  Here's an example of a fun photo of me and Diane at CHA.  I love how crazy the whole crew is for Graphic 45.  Talk about inspiration!

Welcome Diane Schultz!

Magic of the Holidays

I grew up in an amazing family, my parents loved the holidays and festive traditional celebrations were a big part of my childhood. Many of those traditions have been passed down to my children and grandchildren. As I leave to travel to my oldest son and his family’s home for Thanksgiving I am reminded of wonderful holidays spent as a child at the ‘family’ home in Teton Valley. We joined many aunts and uncles and favorite cousins around the dinner table to feast on all the traditional favorites. Afterwards we kids would officially kick off the Christmas season by performing for our parents (a very poorly acted but enthusiastic) play—usually the story of the Nativity. The special occasion allowed our staying up past bedtime to play games and sing endless Christmas carols.

I feel that same holiday magic as my four adorable grandchildren entertain us with their plays and magic shows. So many precious Christmas memories spent with my six incredible children throughout the years come tumbling back! I am so grateful for this extraordinary time of year—for opportunities to spend time with family and friends and for countless expressions of love, caring and appreciation.

Christmas Eve photo of (five year-old) me and my younger brother and sister—we were eager for Santa to come and fill those stockings!

—Diane Schultz
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Wonderful memories and traditions.  My children did a Nativity play one year.  I took a video of it...we'll have to pull it out and watch this Christmas Eve!  Thanks for jogging my memory.  I love the photo with the Christmas full of tinsel.  My mother had me and my brother putting tinsel on the tree every year...one strand at a time.  LOL 

FYI:  guess what I was doing while out Christmas shopping...buying Graphic 45 Christmas paper!  Who can resist?!

12 days of blessings as different crafters shared their memories and crafts.  Let me know if you try any of the recipes that were posted!  I had a marvelous time...I hope you did too.


  1. Diane,
    Is an amazing lady, I met her last year. I was blessed to have her sponsor our site for Christmas :)
    Thanks for putting these together!
    Have a great Holiday,

  2. What a great opportunity to tell you I love graphic45!! The paper is beautiful and perfect for many crafty projects!!! cm

  3. Thank you so much for sharing Diane! I love the picture of you with your brother and sister! I'm a big fan of Graphic 45! I wish I didn't have such a hard time getting ahold of it in my area...but I just keep trying!

    Debby...I've sure enjoyed these 12 Days of Home for the Holidays! Thanks so much for introducing me to all your special guests!...Nancy :o)

  4. My mom did the 1 strand at a time thing too! When I got tired, I'd let her see me putting on 2 pr 3 at a time and she'd make me stop! I'm sure I didn't fool her one bit!
    Merry Christmas Debby All the best
    If you'd like to hear about my Christmas Miracle, go to the Fiskateers site or my blog, it's all there. I'm having a wonderful Christmas, without out a gift being exchanged!

  5. Thank you for the 12 days of gifts of blessings and love. Have a wonderfilled holiday to all

  6. Hi,Diane!
    I'm still learning how to "blog along" lol, But I am sure enjoying watching and being inspired by ALL of your wonderful gang, @g45! As my Mama used to say, "well dear, consider the source". Well DONE, Diane! I'm not sure where we are to leave a fav. Christmas memory... so I hope you all like mine! Being one 6 kids, my Mama, and "Ganno", Gramma were ALWAYS looking for fun stuff to do, AND keep us entertained! Picture all 6 of us, paired up in the kitchen... first Ganno would slather butter all over our hands, then she would have us stand facing each other..... and the BEST peppermint, handmade Taffy pull, began! I remember stepping back, as we pulled and pulled our strands, to perfection! She had precut all the waxpaper. Love this part... before we had to wrap it up, for "later" we ALL got to enjoy, our "hard play" ! Well I want to wish ALL a magical, love filled season! Thanks for letting US share our memories, too!
    Group hugs, Moe :-)


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