Day 10 of 12 Days of Home for the Holidays

It’s Day 10 of the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays with my special guest blogger Ms. Donna Salazer.

I personally learned of Donna through the Fiskateers and Leah Desktop Dictionary.   I saw the very first episode that Donna was in and I nearly died laughing watching the interaction between her, Johanna Peterson and Leah Fung.

I actually met Donna at my first CHA at the Fiskateer photo shoot. You can see the awe in my eyes as we had our photo taken together. Donna launched her own product line this past summer and the response was out of the world. Donna’s make-n-take was widely popular, but she still took a minute out to say hello.

Donna works for Prima Marketing, Inc., her official title at Prima is Marketing and Promotions. She is responsible for most of Prima's programs that are designed to help the local stores. Donna has had her work published in magazines and idea books, has filmed for Scrapbook Lifestyle and Fiskars TV. She has taught classes all over Southern California as well as Belgium, France and The Netherlands

Donna’s unending energy is apparent in her projects, her blog/website and in her interactions with her friends. If I had to use one word to sort of describe my experience about Donna that would be “flow.” I know that’s odd, but Donna’s gift flows free and beautifully.

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Ms. Donna Salazer

I always remember baking with my grandma. She made little aprons for me and my two sisters to use when we would spend the weekend at her house. We all got to take turns spending the weekend with her when we were little. We would have dinner at her sister’s house on Saturday night and we would end the evening by watching The Lawrence Welk show. Sunday would start early so that she could create a flower arrangement using the flowers in her garden for church (thus my love for flowers). We would always show up early so she could get everything set up and prepared for Sunday school lesson. Most of our Sunday afternoons were spent baking.

My grandma like making special breads. She would make shaped breads for the different holidays. Several years before she passed away she began making cinnamon rolls from scratch. These were a HUGE hit! We all really looked forward to having them and it became a holiday staple, so much so that I felt compelled to take up the mantle after she was gone. I began with her recipe the first year but changed it slightly each year after. It has been 12 years since she has been gone and EVERY year I still make my cinnamon rolls. The recipe has now become “Auntie Donna’s Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls” but in my heart I am carrying on the tradition that my grandma started and it makes me feel like she is still a part of our holidays because of it.

As I was writing this for Debby, I realized that I have never made a layout about this tradition and where it came from. I have mentioned this tradition on my blog and on challenge layouts but I’ve never written the whole story out or even take pictures of my cinnamon rolls. I had to take a picture of a page from a memory book that my mom and little sister made for my birthday a few years ago. So…because of this realization, I will be taking pictures of the baking process and making a layout to preserve this story.

I’ve included the recipe…I hope you enjoy!

(FYI: this is my, Debby’s, digi layout made with Donna’s permission for her special recipe. Remember I am still a novice, big time.  right-click, save-as, and you have your own copy of Aunti Donna's recipe.)

Thank you Donna and Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow’s guest blogger is Patter Cross.

Gratitude List
1. peace
2. caring
3. my dad
4. Bob
5. God’s gracious gift of love for me


  1. Oh one of my favs! I love Donna's work, she inspires me with her brilliance. Now to try that recipe :)

  2. WOW! Donna your work is FABULOUS! My Mom is the cinnamon roll maker in our family and yes the tradition has been handed down, I have the recipe and will keep the tradition going with my daughter and granddaughters.
    Thanks for a chance to win. Happy Holidays!
    Me-Ma Kim

  3. I love the story about your weekend's with Grandma. I have never scrapped my Sunday's with my grandparents, but I am thinking that I should try.

  4. That's a great page on the cinnamon rolls - quite like it!

  5. Tina S10:01 AM

    Can't wait to try the cinnamon roll recipe! I have carried on the baking tradition passed on from my grandmother as well and it is just so satisfying. I love seeing my family enjoy the same breads, pies, cakes, etc. that Grandma made for so many years. I hope I can pass it on to my own granddaughter...if I ever have one!

  6. Thanks for sharing!Merry Christmas!

  7. Donna,you've inspired me to scrap about memories at my grandma's. She used to make cinnamon rolls from the leftover crust dough when she made apple pies! I loved those cinnamon rolls! Yes, I'll have to scrap about that!

  8. Wow, this must be lets remember fond memories of our dearly departed grandmas!!! Donna, my grandmother did simular baking sessions with us when we were younger. I thank you and Debby for giving me back those special memories to scrap in my upcoming layouts!!! Rest assured, this 12 Days Of Home For The Holidays has certainly tugged at my heartstrings.

  9. I love cinnamon rolls... I have to try this recipe out!

  10. I'm so enjoying reading this each day. My mil is the famous cinnamon roll maker in the family. Every time she comes to visit she makes some. I actually did a layout of her doing this this past summer.

  11. I wish I could bake, but I will leave the cinnamon roll making to my mother because she makes the best ones I have ever tasted. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I used to spend a whole day making xmas cookies with my grandma but otherwise we aren't much for cooking in our family. The cinnamon rolls do sound delicious.

  13. Love your memories of your grandmother and how you carry on the tradition.
    My paternal grandfather used to bake bread and my maternal grandmother always served me tea with oodles of milk ain fine china tea cups with oatmeal cookies. Thanks for letting me reflect5 on those memories, too.

  14. Loved the story about Donna's grandmother. I have such awesome memories with my grandmother and spending the summers with her. I can't wait to try the recipe!

    Debbie; I enjoy your grateful list everyday!

  15. Hi Donna! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful memories! It's so generous of you to share your recipe as well...I can't wait to try it!!

    Great job on the layout Debby!

  16. Been a fan of Donnas awhile now! Love seeing the different ideas for pages..r eally got my creative juices going!!

  17. I love Donna. I got to meet her at CHA, she is so sweet and talented.

  18. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Hi Donna
    I so want to try your grandmother's cinnamin buns recipe.
    Thank you for sharing it.
    #5012 EVE.

  19. I love holiday baking but have never heard of the kind that you posted today. I usually just bake cookies. Thanks for sharing your tradition.

  20. Anonymous8:03 PM

    thanks for the chance to win a great prize.The cinnamon rolls look delicious.My mother used to make cinnamon rolls but I never thought of making your youre own carmel and putting pecans on the bottom of the pan.I'am going to have to try them that way.I really love cinnamon rolls,

    Joan Fiskateer #808

  21. I am proud to say I knew Donna before I knew of the Fiskateers. I have been a fan for years. It was her and Leah that got me pointed in the orange direction.
    I love her dearly. Not only is she one of the most talented people around, her heart and faith are as big as talent.

  22. I think I will be trying out that recipe very soon! Thank you for sharing it with all of Debby's readers! Your Candy Cane Friday ideas are very good (I went to take a peek).

  23. Ooh, yummy. My aunt lois made the best cinnamon rolls. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I'll add them to our holiday season. Can't wait.


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