12 Days of Home for the Holidays: Erin Bassett

Erin Bassett is my guest today for the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays.  Erin is another member of the Two Peas in a Bucket Pub.  It is a message board for those being published and designing within the paper craft community.  Through a mutual friend, Sudie, I followed Erin on Twitter and she is a ton of fun, information./inspiration, and seems to love a good twitter conversation.

Erin currently serves on Remember When, imaginisce, Simple Scrapper, and Kurtake design teams.  Her blog, creativiE, should be a regular on your inspiration list.  Erin has such wonderful projects, art, scrappbooking, videos, sewing,  and giveaways.

Welcome Erin!

Erin Bassett

I love everything about Christmas!  I'm one of those people that wants to listen to Christmas music before it's even December...although so I don't annoy my husband I do wait until Black Friday to start it up.  He's a great guy and I want to keep him.  ;)

Growing up we had favorite Christmas music.  Of course, back then it was on records.  My brother loved the Little Drummer Boy and I loved any song except that.  -Typical brother & sister style.

We had other traditions as well, such as baking cookies and leaving them and some milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  I still bake cookies with my nieces.

We also celebrate on Christmas Eve by gathering with family and friends.  We're each allowed to open one gift then.  When we were kids my parents would usually choose which present we opened.  Now we just pick our own.

My husband and I also have a tradition we started when we got married.  We both know how hard it is to think of gifts for each other year after year, so we don't exchange gifts, instead we do one big thing for both of us like taking a trip somewhere or making a major purchase.  It really takes the stress out and allows us to do something together.

Do you have a tradition that you still do from your childhood or have you started any new traditions?

*Check out Erin's blog for great craft tutorials and ideas.  You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Happy Holidays!

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Thank you Erin!  Tomorrow's guest is Roni Johnson.


  1. Thanks for sharing a bit of Erin!!!

  2. What a great story!! Thanks for having Erin on !!!

  3. Very fun, hearing everyone's Christmas traditions :)

  4. Hi Erin! My family's tradition was not to put up our Christmas tree til 12/24. When we really thought about it, we realized it was because my mom's mom had severe allergies and could only have it up for a short time. Now I like to put it up slightly earlier in my house.

  5. Erin, I loved the read and you look great! So glad you shared. I shared a bit about one of our traditions today. Hope you're doing well and warmest wishes for a great holiday!

  6. such a sweet family and nice story..ty for sharing

  7. Thanks for sharing your holiday traditions. I love decorating for the holidays, though I need one of my sons to do that for me these days. Always an angel at the top of my tree.

  8. Your tradition is very similar to ours, we don't really do special holiday gifts, we do gifts throughout the year. We do generally do a larger purchase for the both of us during the season though. I love the trip idea.


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