Day 11 of the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays: It's Suz Gray aka. craftysuz!

Welcome to my special guest Suz Gray.  Suz has an awesome blog with so many creative ideas.  Of course I met Suz in a chat for a webinar and found her full of energy and creative spirit.  I've enjoyed her holiday traditions post. 

Welcome Suz Gray

I'm Suz Gray.... "craftysuz" is how most of my scrappy friends know me.  The holidays have always been a very special time to me because they are all about family & traditions.  Even those loved ones who are no longer with us physically can be there in some way by doing the things we did with them.  My Grandma was one of the most special people in my life.  We shared a name (she's Sue), likes & personality.  She knew me better than anyone else.

Grami taught me to cook & bake. She had the smallest kitchen - the refrigerator couldn't even fit in there it was in the dining room. But that didn't stop her from making the most amazing food you ever ate. She taught me the traditions of her mother & grandmother - Polish, Croatian, & Italian recipes. At Christmas time we would bake like we were going to feed the entire town - doing all the work on that little green table in the photo above. (when I complain about not enough counter space this snaps me into reality check lol). Tin after tin of different treats pitzelles, nut rolls, sugar cookies, chocolate chips, horn cookies, gingerbread, shortbread, oatmeal cookies & so many more. Each batch was wrapped & put away in the cold cellar to give as gifts, feed the many friends and family who would visit, or enjoy each night with a cup of hot tea. As we were baking she would tell me stories about our family - making people I had only seen in photos come to life. In those moments she taught me what I treasure in scrapbooking = those family stories & memories.

I passed it on to my boys - they were each born in March so I remember them both "helping" bake their first Christmases. (this icing in a can wasn't what we would normally use but "Chef Andrew" was trying a recipe - he was a Food Network junkie). Even in their 20's they still help me bake each year... sharing & making memories. I can't wait for grandkids to pass on the tradition to... hint hint lol

I still make a variety of different goodies (though not near as many as I used to). Each year for Christmas my Dad wants nothing more than a batch of nut rolls (that take 2 days to make from start to finish - but oh so worth it). With the smells of baking I am transported to that tiny kitchen in Braddock PA & always smile remember those special moments with Grami.

Grami loved to make crafts & paint. She was the person who gave me my nickname "craftysuz" at the age of 8 because I wanted so many different craft kits from the Sears Christmas catalog from "Santa". Making Christmas cards is a way to share our creativity with family & friends, letting them know they are special to us. Here's a few quick and easy cards I made this year.

Supplies:  Paper - My Mind's Eye & Stamps - Unity Stamp Co & Hero Arts

Suz Gray
Blog:  Suz Gray...creating everyday

It's truly incredible how many of our memories are attached to our family's food traditions this time of the year.  I can almost smell my grandmother's biscuits, fruit cake, etc.  Please be sure to check out Suz's blog.  I have it on good authority that she is posting more wonderful projects.  Also Suz is full of crafting resources at her blog. 

Well, bloggers tomorrow is Day 12.  The time has flown by.  I have another incredible guest tomorrow.  See ya then!


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful sharing Suz! Your cards are beautiful!
    Only one more day Debbby? I think you should add a few extras please!...Nancy :O)

  2. love the cards! thanks for sharing--great day!

  3. What a sweet tale about grami's cooking and all the baking. And on that little table!!! Thanks for sharing

  4. I would to be include in the free giveaway. I saw that beautiful mini, I need to learn how to make them, they are so cute & I see many of them on different sites, & I just don't know where to start. I am sure there is a tutorial on how to make a mini.

    Well thanks for the free giveaway & I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.



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