Day 9 of 12 Days of Home for the Holidays

It’s Day 9 of the 12 Days of Home for the Holiday. If you have just come across Debby’s Dare we have had a different guest each day since December 1st sharing a family tradition that was passed down to them that they still observe and how they preserve that tradition.

Welcome to my amazing guest blogger, Ms. Nikki Sivils.

Nikki has made a huge SPLASH in the scrapbook industry since this past July. Nikki debuted her company and 4 lines of scrapbooking products. The buzz is still everywhere as her papers and embellishments are fun, lively and full of spirit, like Nikki!

I met Nikki and Dan at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show this past July. It was early in the morning the first day the tradeshow opened. She would not have that kind of time again! I was one of hundreds they spoke with, told the story of Willy-Bee and showed their new line of products. Nikki impressed me as someone with a heart of a true scrapbooker. We have corresponded several times and she really is a person who enjoys life.

You can find Nikki and the Doghouse Diva’s Design Team at
Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker
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Ms. Nikki Sivils

What is one Family Holiday Tradition that was handed down to you from someone in your family that you continue to observe?

Opening a gift on Christmas Eve is one holiday tradition that was pasted down by my parents.  We always get brand new Christmas PJ's to open on Christmas Eve.  We then make hot coco and watch a Christmas movie, afterward my husband Dan reads The Night Before Christmas to us.  I look forward to this every year; there is something always comforting about family traditions that take place every year knowing it will be passed down over and over again!!

How do you preserve those traditions?

I preserve these family traditions by scrapbooking them, of course!!  My son, Henry, has a scrapbook of his very own that I give him every year and in it are photo's of the past years family traditions and the stories that go along with them.  I then always scrapbook a page or two that are my very favorite stories that capture my family traditions for my personal scrapbook.

This was last year's Christmas Eve new "PJ" picture with Henry, Dan and I.

Thank you, Nikki
Merry Christmas to you, Dan and Henry! 

Tomorrow's guest blogger:  Ms. Donna Salazzer.

I read the story of the PJs and I could not resist pulling out some photos of my three oldest children in their new PJs that they opened on Christmas Eve. The photo quality is not great as I took the photo last night instead of outside in the daylight. Oops, we had no daylight jut rain.

Believe it or not, I’m staying caught up with my Tim Tags! Four more to create. Update:  I just saw the tag for Day 9 and I'm going to be late finishing that one.  I could resist no longer and ordered the filmstrip.  LOL

Gratitude List
1. the comfort of my Bailey Bailey
2. encouragement
3. breath
4. people who have taken the time, when time is so valuable
5. God’s patience with my failings


  1. Everyone getting new PJs at the same time -- cool!

  2. we too got new jammies growing up and tried that when the kids were small. I jumped over to Nikki's blog and discovered some wonderful things - like Henry's Brillance and Boo-tiful. thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing Nikki! That took me back to all my childhood pictures in front of the tree with my brothers. All of us in the new pjs that our Mom had just made!

  4. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Thanks for sharing your project that you made.

    Joan Fiskateer #808

  5. Love the PJ idea for Christmas. How fun.

  6. Debby, thanks for sharing all these great Christmas stories, it was so fun to tell my families traditions!
    I love that layout of your kiddo's in their new PJ's..... so fun!!
    Happy Holidays to you!!

  7. OH MY!! I get my Grandkids new PJ's every year and they get to open them up on Christmas Eve also!! And then of course I read Twas the Night before Christmas, we have cookies and hot chocolate and then it's time to put out reindeer food. And of course, Cookies and Milk for Santa before I finally tuck them all into bed!! Happy Holidays! I can hardly wait 14 more days til they see the PJ's I picked out for this year!
    Me-Ma Kim

  8. Nice to get accquainted with Nikki. I love the new PJ tradition and think it is cute.

  9. We almost always end up getting a new pair of pj's and I've heard of others doing them xmas eve, but we don't. That would be fun.

  10. Tina S12:15 PM

    We have the same tradition of getting new pj's on Christmas Eve...and I think we've only taken pictures a few times. Bad Scrapbooker! Anyway, love the photos and Debby's layout!

  11. PJ's are so fun! The LO is super cute! What better way to store traditions for future generations!

  12. Geez! I thought we were the only family to treasure our pj's. Nikki, my grandmother would make our pj's out of the original old flour sacks when we were younger. Those were the BEST pj's I ever owned. I can still remember her sewing them as the workers picked cotton in the fields nearby. Thanks for bringing back those loving memories.

  13. Really nice to learn about Nikki and her company. Great stuff! Love the PJ Christmas Eve tradition.

  14. Sipping hot cocoa and watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve...I love that! It sounds so cozy! Thank you for sharing your traditions - this is what Christmas is all about!

  15. I love the christmas PJ shots. I get my grandkids new christmas pj's too.

  16. We do that as well, it works out though because we always visit my grandma on xmas eve & she always gives the girls pjs.

  17. Love the pj tradition

  18. Cute tradition with the pjs. I love Nikki's products! Awesome :)

  19. I love Nikki's products! Nice to see her on your blog!

  20. Great layout Debby.
    I love the new PJ tradition.

  21. so i have always loved the idea of pj's but never did it...i think i might have to now!

    great to read more about nikki...i love her products!

  22. What a great tradition. It's not what you do... it's more important that you do something...together, that makes it a special memory.
    Thanks for sharing with us. Love the photos too.

    Debby, great job on your tags.

  23. The PJ tradition is great! And just as wonderful, is that Nikki is teaching her son to document his memories while he is young and he will probably do it with his children when they come along! (I don't been to get too far ahead Nikki, I just hope that is what happens).

    Debby, your tags are incredible! Even if I bought the same "Tim stuff" you have, somehow I just don't think they would be done quite as beautifully! I love the one with the December calendar!

  24. Nikki, thanks so much for taking the time to share with us!


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