12 Days of Home for the Holidays, Day 11

It’s Day 11 of Home for the Holidays. Welcome my special guest blogger Ms. Patter Cross.

Patter and I are Two Peas in a Bucket Pea-ple!  I guess we go back about 2 ½ 3 years.  I frequented her blog, Triple the Scraps from the beginning.  Her blog, work and inspiration have grown considerable.  I participated in a once a week Scripture Challenge 2008 with a deck of playing cards and scripture. It was a very fun year. Patter told me she is doing it again this year! Patter is the Scripture Challenge Coordinator  at Faith Sisters.

I was drawn to Patter’s writings and creative work because of her faith. It is evident in everything she does. She has a scripture verse on her blog banner: “the Lord is my strength and shield … “ Psalms 28:7. You can see her faith from the beginning of her blog.

Patter about Her....
I am a Christian, wife of 20 years to an amazing man, and homeschooling mom to identical triplet girls. I came to know Christ through Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), and it is a ministry near and dear to my heart. I am in leadership at BSF, and I am also a certified childbirth educator. Besides having a passion for the Lord and sharing Him with others, I am also passionate about paper crafting, and I love to help and share with other paper crafters. I enjoy doing layouts of all sizes, cards, tags, ATCs, altered art, etc. And you will find, that I stamp on almost all of my work. I love it all!

Patter is on several design teams including Srapjazz (contributing editor); Triple the Sketch, Owner/Designer, Memory Box Co., Christian Paper Crafts, Layers of Color and Shimmerz Paints.

You can find Patter at
Triple the Scraps
Watch Kiwi & Sugar on YouTube **Two NEW Videos 12/8/09**

Ms. Patter Cross

What is one Family Holiday Tradition that was handed down to you from someone in your family that you continue to observe?

Well, this may seem like a funny tradition but it is one we love, and now our children love too.  Growing up Mom would always serve Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas day.  We would see our Santa gifts, rummage through our stockings, and then take a break and eat those soft, gooey rolls!  This is something we now do with our children.  We never eat the rolls any other time of year except Christmas day.  Then it's a "Pillsbury Pig Out." :)  Our girls are so worried that I will forget to buy the rolls for Christmas day that they make sure I buy them before Thanksgiving and have them in the refrigerator for Christmas day.  Of course, when buying them that early, I have to make sure they don't expire until after Christmas. LOL!

And growing up in Germany, Mom and Dad always bought us new wooden ornaments each year. They are such treasures, and I continue to put them on my tree each year. Our girls enjoy seeing them too, and some of the ornaments still have tags on them, which I really like.

How do you preserve those traditions?

I love to scrapbook our traditions. Right now I must admit I am quite behind in my scrapbooking. Is there such a thing as catching up? LOL! Right now I seem to spend more time on sharing my love for the Lord through my creations instead of catching up on those pictures. However, I don’t think our children will have any trouble at all remembering the Pillsbury tradition. J And they get to enjoy the ornaments each year as they help put them on the tree. One day, all of these ornaments will be divided up between the three of them to have for their homes someday.

Thanks you Patter, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Tomorrows Guest BloggerS are: Angie Schuster, Sudie Alexander and Ruth Adam. All three of these women are extraordinary artists that are the greatest personal friends.

I was inspried yesterday to scrap some of my ornaments.  Here's what I got.  FYI:  Bo Bunny's "Homespun Holiday Advent paper is a perfect template for 2 x 2 photo collage.

I'm dreaming of a photo Christmas,
Just like the one that Ali has. 
With zoom and pixels,  lens and tripod,
to see my clear and sharp photos.

I'm dreaming of a photo Christmas
with every list I write for Santa,
May my photos be merry and bright

And may all my Photos be right.

I'm dreaming of a photo Christmas
With every family member I hint
Mom would like to wake up and smile
To my photo Christmas at last!

Gratitude List
1. Ruth
2. sweet sleep
3. the heart of a child, my Hannah
4. God’s gift
5. God’s gift of faith to me


  1. Nice story about the Christmas ornaments - thanks

  2. Those wooden ornaments are so neat looking. What a wonderful thing to be able to hand to the children.

  3. What a wonderful interview! I love Patter's idea of cinnamon rolls. We may have to start that tradition here too!

  4. Hi Patter! I follow your blog too and I always appreciate your inspirational sharing. I hope to join your Scripture challenge this year! I love your cinnamon bun story! Our tradition is donuts and grape juice. As I've gotten older I've had to add coffee!! lol Thanks for sharing!...Nancy :o)

    Debby...More great layouts! You sure are getting lots done these days!! :o)

  5. Tina S10:09 AM

    Can't wait to go to Patter's blog and join in on the 2010 Scripture challenge! I love your ornament layout. What a great way to document our favorites.

  6. Patter, Your little wooden ornaments are so precious! My husband and I have actually eaten Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas. It has not been a tradition, but it is always nice to smell them baking and they are ready in a snap! Thank you for sharing your traditions about scrapbooking as well as your faith with all of us.

  7. Nice traditions you have. The cinnamon rolls sounds like a great one!!

  8. Very nice to be introduced to such a neat woman! Love the wooden ornaments from Germany. Traditions are a tie to family.

  9. Thanks for sharing with us! Your work is wonderful, Patter!

  10. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Thanks for sharing your cinnamon rolls story with us. I can't think of any tradition other than putting up the Christmas tree, lots of good food and lots of fun.

  11. Oh I love the Cinnamon rolls story and what a wonderful gift to pass to your children of breakfast and those lovely wooden ornaments. growing up we did not have a "special" thing for breakfast, something usually light as we would eat our Christmas dinner always by 2 and it was a huge Italian feast!. But mom used to make us ornaments or e would make them and date them with the year and I now have some of those ornaments that are uaually the first ones on the tree. So I passed on making ornaments to my husbands children and we had done that for years. Not now as they are older and have no time lol. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love the cinnamon rolls - but we have them from time to time. It is amazing how much tradition revolves around those memories of food. YUMMMM! thanks for sharing.

  13. Awesome story Patter! I really think the most important thing your girls will remember is your faith. My parents brought us out to a Mexico border town when we were younger to paint and refurbish an old church. Our helping these people financially and physically was not only a blessing to them, but a blessing to us. That was one of the most special Christmases I can remember to date.

  14. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  15. Debby, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your blog. It was fun, and thank you all for your sweet comments. :) And yes, it's amazing how those traditions can revolve around a little can of Pillsbury "sweetness." LOL! Have a blessed day everyone!

  16. Hi Patter - Thank you for sharing your traditions! We have a similar tradition with ornaments - Every year as the boys are given new ornaments, they are marked with the year and name - When we decorate the tree, they love seeing 'their' ornaments.


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