It's a Pink Home for the Holidays on Day 7 with Cristal Hobbs, aka Pinky!

Pinky is one incredible woman!  Our acquaintance started as Fiskateers.  She is a dynmo for sure.  Then she was on one design team then another and then ....  She amazes me with heart and talent.  I was privileged to meet her this past CHA.  She was making a splash with Helmar.  For all her energy she is a loving and compassionate person.  I'm proud to know her.

Welcome Cristal Hobbs

Hey it's me Pinky!

“Home for the Holidays" that especially rings true in my household. 4 years ago we moved away from everyone in our family, all the way across the USA and now we live in TN. Throughout the moves and being away from family I always felt is was so important to keep traditions going, making new ones just for our little family.

One of my favorite traditions that I have done with my 3 boys...

BAKING, every year we bake 4-6 kinds of cookies and make plates for all the neighbors, even ones we do not know.

Sometimes I add my homemade Fudge, or Rice Crispy Treats, and we always make Sugar Cookies, Snickerdoodles, and Brownies.

Then I gather up all the boys (dad included) and we walk from house to house delivering the plates.

This year I decided to make cookie jars instead. Hopefully they will handle a little easier.

I wanted to teach my boys that for me holidays always have been and always will be about GIVING. Giving not only of your heart but also of your hands. I wanted them to know it does not have to be expensive or of monetary value.

Heartfelt and with love means just as much if not more.

This is the Hobbs Family tradition, just one of them anyways ♥

You can find many more projects and ideas on my blog, I am always creating, and more importantly...ALWAYS sharing!

Pinky's Blog Much Ado About Nothing
I love Pinky's cookie jars and her family tradition!  My husband makes Sugar Cookies every Christmas.  To me they are award winning!  It's the season for giving, bringing warmth of heart to others, and putting a smile on someones face.  What brings a smile to your face this holiday season? 
Pinky's blog is a must visit, stay awhile and bookmark it.  You can find her at Much Ado About Nothing.
Stop in tomorrow for another speical guest for 12 Days of Home for the Holidays. 


  1. thanks pinky for sharing your holiday tradition. i love your work at imaginisce--fantastic

    thanks again debby for a wonderful post!

  2. Thanks for sharing Pinky. You actually brought tears to my eyes with the comment that Christmas isn't just about the money. I have been trying to find something that I could do that didn't require any money so that I would have some sort of gift for people this year.

  3. Hi Pinky! I love watching your youtube videos! Your cookie jar is wonderful...and a lovely gift for a neighbor! Thanks for sharing your wonderful tradition!
    Thanks for bringing Pinky by Debby! See you tomorrow!...Nancy :o)

  4. Thanks for sharing. I love that cookie jar. I wish I were one of your close neighbors :) Enjoy the Holidays with your family.

  5. Debby thanks for including Pinky in your blog today. Cristal (although I have never met her in person) has become a part of my family. Her warm heart and giving nature and definite mix of craziness has stole my heart. I am so proud of all she has accomplished. Cristal thanks for continuing to share a part of you with us.

  6. great project~Pinky always does cool

  7. Such a sweet holiday thing to do.

  8. Love the cookie jar!

  9. cookies yum. love your traditions.

  10. Great Tradition, I love the cookie jar! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I'm a big Pinky fan already! Great traditions...similar to my own families traditions...add chocolate covered pretzels and rock candy! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great Holiday tradition and what a beautiful presentation! I love that jar!!! Pinky rocks!!!

  13. The cookie jar is fabulous! Love the story about sharing cookies with your neighbors! How nice!

  14. As always Pinky, you've hit the nail on the head! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas


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