Day 9 of the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays: Welcome Lisa Fulmer!

Today is Day 9.  Isn't that incredible?  The month is moving very fast.  The word is out that it might snow here in SC...hmmm we'll see.

Today my guest is C&T Publishing Marketing Manager Lisa Fulmer.  Better yet she is an extraordinary artist.  We've found ourselves on different message boards, chats, and webinars.  I was able to meet her at CHA which was a blast.  Yes, she is a ball of energy and certainly knows how to laugh. 

Welcome Lisa Fulmer!

I love making Christmas cards each year. I love receiving them too! I'm not much into decorating my home beyond a simple tree, so the cards I receive from family and friends serve as my holiday decor. I place a few on the coffee table, the end table, near the television, on the bookshelf.

But I can't bear to throw them out in January. Not that I am so terribly sentimental (lol), they are all just so pretty - even the super economy cards have glitter and embossing. So a few years ago I decided to recycle them and add them into my stash of holiday papers, embellishments and stamps.

I repurpose the fronts of the cards in a few different ways. If the card portrays a lovely scene - like a snow-covered yard or a cozy living room, then I like to turn it into a "window pane card." Click here for instructions on how to do it.

If there are cute little iconic Christmas shapes, like ornaments and stockings, then I trim them out and use them as embellishments.

If there is a sweet Santa or a pretty angel on the front, I trim it out and layer it with raised foam stamps on top of coordinating papers.

A pretty foil embossed border can be trimmed out to frame a collage of other papers. Try punching squares from random areas of a few cards with similar imagery, then tile them together. Trim cards of similar colors into strips and weave the strips together to see what new textures and patterns come out of it.

So don't toss out your Christmas cards - I like to think of it as sanctioned regifting!

Lisa Fulmer
Blog Lisa Liza Lou
Website Lisa Liza Lou
Art Journaling Blog My Blissful Lack of Focus

Okay, I don't think I'll ever look at my Christmas Cards the same!  These are incredible.  Please do check out Lisa's different sites.  Bookmark them or Follow them.  You will be truly inspired.  She is often on the net doing webinars and live chats.  Watch for her, you'll be glad you did.

Three more day means three more awesome and awe inspiring guest.  See you tomorrow!


  1. Thank you for sharing Lisa, I saved my cards from last year after sending this year out and I will try your ideas. Thank you on sharin your time and talent!

  2. What fantastic ideas Lisa! Your photos are truly inspirational! Thank you very much!...Nancy :o)

  3. wow what a great idea lisa--thanks for sharing! love it-another great day!

  4. I save my cards as well. I did repurpose them, but I find I love to make my own embellishments.
    My SIL always repurposes hers.
    Yours are very nicely done.

  5. Thanks Debby and all of you! Have a very creative and fun holiday!

  6. I also have years of saved cards that I can't just throw them out. This is a great idea. Now if I can bear to cut them all up...I will manage. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I love the window cards! I try to repurpose our cards too. Merry Christmas


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