Day 10 of the 12 Days of Home for the Holidays with Margie Romney-Aslett

I still remember the day when Margie announced her very own line of scrapbooking/crafting products with Advantus.  I was excited, especially when we all got to see glimpses of her line.  Margie has taught around the world and worked for some of the most well know scrapbooking companies.  I believe what she is best known for by her students is her laughter!  I don't know Margie personally, but I know of her via the internet, the industry, and her heart is one of caring and loving.  Check out her sites and her personal blog.  She is a truly an incredibly talented and gifted artist. 

Welcome Margie Romney-Aslett

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year...

I love all of it...

I love to decorate my home...

I love Christmas music...

I love Christmas shopping...

I love making gifts...

I love cooking favorite foods...

I love celebrating with friends and family...

The holidays are a special time for me and my family...

I grew up in a home where traditions were very important during the holidays...

Like my Mother I wanted traditions to be a part of my family's holidays...
One of my favorite traditions is Christmas Eve pajamas...As a child I loved knowing that I was going to get to open 2 gifts on Christmas eve...One was always jammies and the other was a gift I got to choose from under the tree...There was a ritual to it...We opened our new jammies and put them on then came back to the family room and got to pick a gift from under the tree and open it wearing our new jammies...To this day, and my children are now grown, we still honor this same tradition...The first year I was married I decided that I wanted to start a tradition of my own when it came to Christmas jammies...I started gifting my parents with Christmas jammies...24 years later, every year I have taken my kids to buy Christmas pajamas for their Grandma & Grandpa...

I love the idea of my parents who are in their 80's on Christmas eve opening up their Christmas jammies...

Another favorite tradition in my home is Christmas crafting...As a child I remember glittering egg cartons that my mother had cut up and painted gold to create tree ornaments...I loved looking at them on the tree and knowing we had made them was extra special. What I really loved most about it was making them together. Each year I like to make some type of holiday gifts, or ornaments for the tree...One year our family made Christmas collages in Ikea frames for everyone in our neighborhood instead of treats...Last year we got a group of friends together and created Christmas houses...This year I spent a day working on December Daily journals with my daughters and a friend... It is always fun to get together and create...

The Holidays are a great time for so many different things...But most of all the Holidays should be filled with family and friends sharing gifts, creating memories and celebrating our Savior's birth...

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Kiss kiss

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When I read Margie's post and squealed with delight.  I thought there was only a few in my family that had the tradition of "Christmas jammies."  My parents did that with us growing up and Jim and I did for our children.  It's tradition that often pulls a family together and at times even defines who we are and want to be.  Make sure to check out the links to Margie's awesome work via her website and her blog.

Believe or not we are down to just two more guests.  See ya tomorrow!!


  1. So fun! We always had new Christmas jammies as too! I love your gorgeous houses Margie! Wonderful that you all craft together! Thanks so much for sharing!
    See you tomorrow Debby!...Nancy :o)

  2. Great post Margie--love your work--took your class when you were at Simply Scrapbooks in kettering ohio! great time! thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your work! We too, have the tradition of Christmas Eve jammies and I have always loved it! We did it when I was a child, then I did it with my kids, now my kids give me and DH pj's and my DGD gets them too! It's fun to see the tradition continue.
    One of my fondest Christmas memories was one year when we kids all sat with my parents at the dining room table and crafted ornaments and decorations. It was such fun and such a mess. I didn't know until I was an adult it was because we didn't have money to buy new ornaments and ours had broken! We didn't care.

  4. I love your traditions!! I have started a few~but the crafting one really interests me!!

  5. we do jammies, too! always have.

  6. Thanks for posting this! I have loved Margie since she taught classes with MM that I took at CKU -- wow, that seems like a million years ago!

  7. I love me some Margie!

  8. Thanks for introducing her. I got to check her out.

  9. luv the villages.

  10. I love the Christmas Jammies! Those vintage houses are gorgeous!


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