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I Remember

TSGT. Otis C. Perkins"Chuck"
My father, my hero! My father served in the United States Air Force for 20 years. He traveled the world, served in the Vietnam War, and in the Cold war. He came from very poor, hard conditions for a home life and joined the service as a way out. But my father continued to reenlist because serving his country was of utmost pride to him. He actually worked in the "secret service" area of the USAF. His job was to measure energy transmissions from countries not quiet friendly to the USA at the time. He would travel in civilian clothing to many different places, set up equipment in "radio stations," take the measurements of mostly radioactive transmissions from then USSR, but several other countries as well. My dad loved serving the military. It allowed him to grow as a person. He experienced things he would have never had the opportunity to experience...different countries, different cultures, different people. He met his best frie…

Slow time--Update with Pics

Although the events in my life are normal and slow, work certainly isn't. I enjoyed reading the blogs on Peas today.

My nephew graduated from High School Tuesday. These are not the actual "graduation" pictures they are his senior pictures. It is hard to believe my baby sister has a grown man for a son. Life is certainly short and swift. I will make the most of it!

CKU-A became a non-issue for me yesterday. I had to cancel my registration. Jacob wants to play the bass guitar and has been assured a spot in a band if he learns the bass this summer. Being 13 and in need of a good outlet with good people I said yes. So there goes my trip in order to buy the whole bass package and afford the weekly lessons. Thank God the system comes with headphones! The band is made up of a teacher from school and several of his classmates. So I think he'll have fun. His memories are much more important than my scrapbooking right now at this age.

I have a question for you. How do you help a …

Just Another Day in the life....

Image work play home

Just plain BUSY! I would love a day without busy. It's coming right along with getting the new computer set up. I only have a few hours each night to get it set up and running and I still need to hook up the scanner and printer. After that I should be set to go.

Mother's Day is coming up and I know what I want....a new front porch OR a new couch OR new carpeting OR a new SLR camera. My children have choices...pick one and don't get me a whatnot. Check out the list kids. THIS IS WHAT I WANT!

I need to get my mom's gift in the mail by tomorrow. What was your best gift you've given your MOM? I think of all the "things" I've given mom, the layout I did for the 50's of her was one of her favorites. It was, after all, about her.

Well, this is short today, but I know I'll be busy for the next week and was afraid I would not get to update anytime in the next week or so.

Hey, Poultry Festival this weekend. Promise…

Computer Education

I need one. My computer is dying. Now I need to look towards buying a new one. Problem is that I don't understand what I'm even reading to buy one.

I need everyone's best advice. Don't use computer language without explaining it, PLEASE.

My Computer Needs

Internet speed and security
Photoshop Elements
Several different picture/scanner programs
Microsoft Word package
Storage capacity...although I save everything to disks for safety reasons

See, I just need the simple stuff! Leave a comment and help me shop for my new computer. UPDATE * UPDATE * UPDATE * UPDATE *Challenge10 things I would not turn down eating no matter what: 1. Di Prato's Pita bread and pimento cheese spread
2. Trump's Restaurant Lobster Raviolis in caviar sauce
3. A frozen, Hershey Chocolate Bar
4. A good, authentic German meal, cooked by an authentic German mama
5. An Artichoke sandwich made at Mellow Mushroom
6. A cold glass of milk or a good, cool g…

Playing Catch-Up

Wow, I'm I ever behind on L-I-F-E. Whew...but do you want to catch up? Does that mean it is about over? Yikes, I'll stay behind!! LOL

Well, it's been a full weekend. Let's start out with a WARNING...WARNING...WARNING. Saturday, April 22 I purchased gas at the pump using my credit/debit card. Never went inside the store. I used the credit portion of my card. I waited until it cycled out and back to the "Welcome" screen. Several days later I checked my bank account and someone from that store access my bank account using my card number and withdrew MY money. Many tears later the bank reimbursed my funds to my bank account with no hassle. The police told me yesterday that they have a suspect that I was not the only one that day to have money stolen from them. The Investigator asked if I was willing to prosecute. Oh, yeah baby! I work hard for the money and this person invaded my privacy. So warning, be extra careful, although the police and bank does not know how…