Computer Education

I need one. My computer is dying. Now I need to look towards buying a new one. Problem is that I don't understand what I'm even reading to buy one.


I need everyone's best advice. Don't use computer language without explaining it, PLEASE.

My Computer Needs

Internet speed and security
Photoshop Elements
Several different picture/scanner programs
Microsoft Word package
Storage capacity...although I save everything to disks for safety reasons

See, I just need the simple stuff! Leave a comment and help me shop for my new computer.



10 things I would not turn down eating no matter what:

1. Di Prato's Pita bread and pimento cheese spread
2. Trump's Restaurant Lobster Raviolis in caviar sauce
3. A frozen, Hershey Chocolate Bar
4. A good, authentic German meal, cooked by an authentic German mama
5. An Artichoke sandwich made at Mellow Mushroom
6. A cold glass of milk or a good, cool glass of southern made sweet tea
7. Beignets and coffee from the French Quarter in New Orleans
8. My mother's roast beef and English peas with mashed potatoes
9. My grandmother's biscuits
10. My mother-in-laws yellow rice I’m hungry!


  1. I would get a Dell. They are extremely reliable, have great customer service, and a very easy to understand web site. We are SO happy with all 4 of the Dell computers we own. :)

  2. I say Dell. I LOVE mine!!! Love your list!


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