Playing Catch-Up

Wow, I'm I ever behind on L-I-F-E. Whew...but do you want to catch up? Does that mean it is about over? Yikes, I'll stay behind!! LOL

Well, it's been a full weekend. Let's start out with a WARNING...WARNING...WARNING. Saturday, April 22 I purchased gas at the pump using my credit/debit card. Never went inside the store. I used the credit portion of my card. I waited until it cycled out and back to the "Welcome" screen. Several days later I checked my bank account and someone from that store access my bank account using my card number and withdrew MY money. Many tears later the bank reimbursed my funds to my bank account with no hassle. The police told me yesterday that they have a suspect that I was not the only one that day to have money stolen from them. The Investigator asked if I was willing to prosecute. Oh, yeah baby! I work hard for the money and this person invaded my privacy. So warning, be extra careful, although the police and bank does not know how I could have been more careful. I know, use more cash! For the time being I'm without a debit/credit card which is very inconvenient. I ended up driving an extra 2 hours total because I forgot my check book at home when I was trying to buy a gift for my granddaughter. Oh well, life's lessons.

Hannah's 2nd B'day was a smash hit. Tons of kids, tons of adults, and she had tons of fun! I'm proud of my baby girl and she truly and completely


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