Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just Another Day in the life.... work play home

Just plain BUSY! I would love a day without busy. It's coming right along with getting the new computer set up. I only have a few hours each night to get it set up and running and I still need to hook up the scanner and printer. After that I should be set to go.

Mother's Day is coming up and I know what I want....a new front porch OR a new couch OR new carpeting OR a new SLR camera. My children have choices...pick one and don't get me a whatnot. Check out the list kids. THIS IS WHAT I WANT!

I need to get my mom's gift in the mail by tomorrow. What was your best gift you've given your MOM? I think of all the "things" I've given mom, the layout I did for the 50's of her was one of her favorites. It was, after all, about her.

Well, this is short today, but I know I'll be busy for the next week and was afraid I would not get to update anytime in the next week or so.

Hey, Poultry Festival this weekend. Promises to be fun. Want to come?

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