Slow time--Update with Pics

Although the events in my life are normal and slow, work certainly isn't. I enjoyed reading the blogs on Peas today.

My nephew graduated from High School Tuesday. These are not the actual "graduation" pictures they are his senior pictures. It is hard to believe my baby sister has a grown man for a son. Life is certainly short and swift. I will make the most of it!

CKU-A became a non-issue for me yesterday. I had to cancel my registration. Jacob wants to play the bass guitar and has been assured a spot in a band if he learns the bass this summer. Being 13 and in need of a good outlet with good people I said yes. So there goes my trip in order to buy the whole bass package and afford the weekly lessons. Thank God the system comes with headphones! The band is made up of a teacher from school and several of his classmates. So I think he'll have fun. His memories are much more important than my scrapbooking right now at this age.

I have a question for you. How do you help a child...13 year old boy...who is jealous of a good friend who has suddenly become "popular" and part of the "in-crowd?" Jacob has always been the center of our life. He is a great kid!! His first year in middle school he took all the top

academic honors and many of the "fun" awards. He was the center of attention. When he and his good friend tried out for the school play; Jacob got the part of the Sultan and his friend played Aladdin. Of course Aladdin is the most popular part and at this age anything to do with romance makes one on top of the "list." Jay is having a very difficult time dealing with there sudden unequal social status at school. No amount of talking from me helps. HELP me with ideas...