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My Hometown

My hometown:

"Cornbread and chicken...alot of front porch sittin'" so the song goes. We are far enough away from the city to do just that. Family gatherings, barbecues, trampolines, horseshoes, and a small garden. But we are close enough to the big city to get all that "big city" excitement! University of South Carolina! GOOOO Gamecock!State Museum, Art museumCapital of South Carolina and all the historical markers and building to go with it.The most beautiful spring in any state with the different flowers and trees in bloom.
Riverbanks ZooThe Colonial Center where you get Kenny Chesnee to Bet Midler to the Ringling Brothers Circus or even Disney on Ice.The SC State Fair where I won first place in the scrapbooking category!! TOOT TOOTI love the Greek Festival; the Oak Strut; International Festival, October Festival, the Chapin Catfish Stomp, Peach Festival, Poultry Festival, Three Rivers Festival, Peanut Festival and the PARTY goes on!


I have guys all around me. That is what I scrapbook. My husband and three sons. GUYS! Not babies, not elementary age boys BUT guys.

Okay, the trend is flowers and I LOVE THEM. My daughter loves them, my mother loves them, sometimes when I can get away with it the "Guys" love them. But what about a real solid "guy" kind of trend. A trend that the manufactures will pick up on, a trend that the magazines will pick up on, a trend that the store would rush to pick up on. WE NEED a BiG "GUY" trend, please.

Now, I do know about zippers, metal washers, etc. I've used them. Specifically, what about those special moments you capture on film; moments that do not call for crash, bang, bam, boom kind of embellishments. What about those tender moments or thoughtful moments? What's the trend? Well, I want to be a trend maker!! But my brain must be fried. I've torn up one wonderful layout and I've spent four days trying to find that special ... umph.

Leave a…

Will I "toot" today?

My weekend went fast and my week promises to be faster and harder. I worked on a Sarahbinder. I'm still picking out glue from everywhere on that project. I also got started on a fabulous layout. Well, I think it is fun. Thought: when you have three guys in the house and no girls (already moved out) pink fru fru with flowers does not work. We need a "guys" trend. I know I can use flowers for baby or small boys. But my 13 years does not want "flowers" on layouts about him. Matter-of-fact neither does my 22 year old. LOL Maybe I'll come up with the next big guy trend! I'll work on.

My day promises to be very busy, but not too busy to check the emails for a tootable call. My dream and my hope! Well, see.

Mother's Day is around the corner...what to do?!

Flat Stanley

Disappointments. In the scrapbooking industry they happen all the time. For some of us it is almost a daily event. I was disappointed recently and for the first time it made me sad. Very sad. It was something I wanted, but maybe for the wrong reasons. Lesson learned: good friends can deliver swift kicks in the proper place at the proper time. It is great in this industry to have really good friends who ground you and remind you why you design and create. Why do you design pages of memories? Why do you create that new project? Are you disappointed because a manufacture, publisher, or even a friends does not get as excited over it as you do? I DARE you to dig deep and "blog" why in the midst of disappointments you continue to design scrapbook pages!

Flat Stanley: he came to visit us from Florida. We took him on a day of exploring Columbia. We went to the center of town, the USC historical Horseshoe, the capitol, the zoo, a fun park, Denny's, and the worlds largest man made…

Life is full of Lessons We all Need to Learn

Waiting on calls seems to take up most of my thoughts this week along with what will be my next scrapping project. I have so many ideas and I just need the time to do them. This weekend I will not hesitate to put out several great pages (great in my mind at least). It's hard to make me happy with the finally product. I always see what I could have done better. But I love the process of creating the page.

Jacob is better today. Being 13 years old and pushed to the limits by school can be a little rough. He was so hysterical yesterday. Jacob was out of school sick for several days and all the teachers gave him his make-up work and told him it was due as of yesterday. He nearly lost his marbles on this one. But life lessons come along and we learn we can not run away from problems (he wanted to leave public school for home school), but we learn how to face and deal with problems that life offers us. What a learning experience as Jacob learned to face the problems and find creative so…

A New Beginning

A New Beginning...getting down and getting dirty! I've been playing a bit here and there in the scrapbook publishing, but now I want this for me! So now I'm going to get more serious than I ever have before. My friends already think I TOO serious about scrapbooking. But it is a wonder to me. There is not one aspect that I don't enjoy.

Part of "getting down and dirty" is working on my writing skills. The spelling, the presentation, the adjectives and adverbs, they will become my friends. My blog will not only keep my family and friends up-to-date on life for the Lewis's, but it will help me develop in my writing skills.

This is my first post. Later comes the pictures!!