Life is full of Lessons We all Need to Learn

Waiting on calls seems to take up most of my thoughts this week along with what will be my next scrapping project. I have so many ideas and I just need the time to do them. This weekend I will not hesitate to put out several great pages (great in my mind at least). It's hard to make me happy with the finally product. I always see what I could have done better. But I love the process of creating the page.

Jacob is better today. Being 13 years old and pushed to the limits by school can be a little rough. He was so hysterical yesterday. Jacob was out of school sick for several days and all the teachers gave him his make-up work and told him it was due as of yesterday. He nearly lost his marbles on this one. But life lessons come along and we learn we can not run away from problems (he wanted to leave public school for home school), but we learn how to face and deal with problems that life offers us. What a learning experience as Jacob learned to face the problems and find creative solutions to help him through his crisis. I'm proud of my little boy.

Another Life Lesson from Easter: It's okay to check out the frog that jumped out at you when you picked up the Easter egg if you hold on to momma! LOL.


  1. I wish I had ideas. I do have a big pile of work that needs doing, but my mojo is still on Easter break.

  2. welcome to blogworld. i know what you mean about having so many ideas. never in my lifetime will i have enough time to actually realize even 10% of them.


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