Flat Stanley

Disappointments. In the scrapbooking industry they happen all the time. For some of us it is almost a daily event. I was disappointed recently and for the first time it made me sad. Very sad. It was something I wanted, but maybe for the wrong reasons. Lesson learned: good friends can deliver swift kicks in the proper place at the proper time. It is great in this industry to have really good friends who ground you and remind you why you design and create. Why do you design pages of memories? Why do you create that new project? Are you disappointed because a manufacture, publisher, or even a friends does not get as excited over it as you do? I DARE you to dig deep and "blog" why in the midst of disappointments you continue to design scrapbook pages!

Flat Stanley: he came to visit us from Florida. We took him on a day of exploring Columbia. We went to the center of town, the USC historical Horseshoe, the capitol, the zoo, a fun park, Denny's, and the worlds largest man made lake. Flat Stanley had a good day. It was fun to see how many strangers we met and they knew Flat Stanley personally. Other children helped us to take pictures, a girl scout group wanted to sign Flat Stanley and have their picture taken with him, another woman at the zoo loved the story of Flat Stanley and took Flat Stanley's picture with the penguins. The waitress at Denny's thought we are crazy at first and then she got into the whole adventure of Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley, this weekend made friends of strangers, made strangers smile, and I hope it makes a little boy in Florida happy when he gets his pictures!