Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I have guys all around me. That is what I scrapbook. My husband and three sons. GUYS! Not babies, not elementary age boys BUT guys.

Okay, the trend is flowers and I LOVE THEM. My daughter loves them, my mother loves them, sometimes when I can get away with it the "Guys" love them. But what about a real solid "guy" kind of trend. A trend that the manufactures will pick up on, a trend that the magazines will pick up on, a trend that the store would rush to pick up on. WE NEED a BiG "GUY" trend, please.

Now, I do know about zippers, metal washers, etc. I've used them. Specifically, what about those special moments you capture on film; moments that do not call for crash, bang, bam, boom kind of embellishments. What about those tender moments or thoughtful moments? What's the trend? Well, I want to be a trend maker!! But my brain must be fried. I've torn up one wonderful layout and I've spent four days trying to find that special ... umph.

Leave a comment here with your "GUY" trend idea. Let's start a revolution for the "guys" in our life!


  1. Wow! That's a good question. I have one son and still love to use flowers! But a great guy trend would be interesting to see. I'll have to think on that :)

  2. I have one son, and I use flowers and ribbon!

  3. I use flowers (and even pink sometimes) on my guy pages.
    I have 2 dh and our son who is I know how you feel.

    Definitely look for anything with STARS or ARROWS...those are very trendy for boys, I think :)
    (and flowers! LOL)

    Circles will always work wonders, too.

  4. guy trends.....oh the heck with it. guys like flowers too!!!!


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