My Hometown

My hometown:

"Cornbread and chicken...alot of front porch sittin'" so the song goes. We are far enough away from the city to do just that. Family gatherings, barbecues, trampolines, horseshoes, and a small garden. But we are close enough to the big city to get all that "big city" excitement!

  • University of South Carolina! GOOOO Gamecock!
  • State Museum, Art museum
  • Capital of South Carolina and all the historical markers and building to go with it.
  • The most beautiful spring in any state with the different flowers and trees in bloom.
    Riverbanks Zoo
  • The Colonial Center where you get Kenny Chesnee to Bet Midler to the Ringling Brothers Circus or even Disney on Ice.
  • The SC State Fair where I won first place in the scrapbooking category!! TOOT TOOT
  • I love the Greek Festival; the Oak Strut; International Festival, October Festival, the Chapin Catfish Stomp, Peach Festival, Poultry Festival, Three Rivers Festival, Peanut Festival and the PARTY goes on!