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The past two days the retailers, designers, press, and manufactures have been and still are in Los Angles, CA for the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show.  I did not go this time but I was there in spirit.

I decided if I could not go that I would certainly play.  Fiskateers and Two Peas in a Bucket on-line communities both have on-line crops going on.  I still working on several challenges but I thought I'd share a few from Two Peas in a Bucket's CHA's online social. 

The different challenges have some type of scrapbooking design element.  I love it.  What a way to learn.  The first challenge was "When in doubt wear red" a quote by Bill Blass.  The challenge:  to use predominately red in my design. 

The Story
I attended a jewelry party hosted by my daughter-in-law Vanessa.  She brought her neices C and K to play with me.  I played more than partied.  LOL  It was hard for C to not want to try out the jewelry.  Doesn't every woman?  I went over to the sale …

From Digi to Paper

I was on Facebook checking out what was going on in the world when I ran across an incredible layout.  As I studied it I realized it was digital, but an incredible digital layout.  I contact my "friend" Jodi Dolbel and asked if I could take her layout which totally inspired me and recreate it my style on paper.  Jodi was game.  You should really check out her blog Jodi's Scraphaven, click on the link to the right that says "Scrapbooking Projects 2010" and Scrapbooking Projects 2011."  There is a lot of great inspiration as Jodi does a lot more than digital scrapbooking.

Here is my take on her digi's the link to hers.  It is the last photo in the gallery called "All Natural."  You can click on the layout below to enlarge it and see more of the details.

The Story This is my daughter's first professional photo at about 1 month.  Her little dress is a light pastel green and believe it or not I paid more for that dress than I ever …

Opportunity to Make Family Memories

I'm not a BIG football fan except when my college team plays.  But Sunday, February 6th, there will be a rumbling around the world with fans watching the Big Game as well as fans attending the game.  My husband, daughter, and her husband are all big football fans and they will be watching as well.  Instead of retreating in the sight of defeat I will be joining my husband to watch the match up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.  Honestly, I do have fun watching football with my husband.
 (my daughter) The Super Bowl is another opportunity to make memories with your children.  Often we get a bit obsessed with our passion, aka football or crafting, and we miss an opportunity to make fun memories with our children.

Here are some ideas in an article by Jean Marie Lockwood (2007)
Making memories that will last a life-time is a wonderful way to enjoy your children. Being creative in the things you do with your family can be the big challenge. Here are some tips for b…

You're Just the Cutest Little Baby Cake!

I have been working on my design team assignments like crazy.  When I get started on my Glue Dots® Adhesives creations I just can't stop.  Really! 

Saturday Ruth (friend) and I hosted a baby shower for my daughter.  I had been planning to try making a diaper cake for a month or more now.  I've never made one and never seen one in person.  To me they are super cute and a creative way to give a gift.  So without further ado here is the end result!

I was so surprised!  My first ever diaper cake and it turned out beautiful!

The Story
My daughter is very creative and to surprise her with something creative takes some effort on my part.  I picked her favor colors for the baby:  a soft pink and cream.  American Crafts helped me with my colors.  The crochet ribbon and paper are both from American Crafts.  I also took the opportunity to display one of my gifts to Tabitha, the picture frame.  Tabitha fell in love with this picture frame from Hobby Lobby but it was terrible expensive for a …

Layers and Stamps and Flowers, Oh My!

Have I told you lately that I'm lovin' learning about this style of Scrapbooking?  Today's layout is based on a digital layout. I used several stamps and ink to try and get the feel of the digital layout. 

The Story
This is Christina, my daughter-in-law's niece.  Christina is so adorable!   Yesterday Vanessa told me that her and her mother decided that Christina should call me Grandma Debby.  What an honor.

This day was at my house.  I could not resist taking photos.  I had put the bench in front of the doorway of my studio so that Christina would not get into something and get hurt.  She would stand at the doorway while I was creating.  I gave her a 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock and her "Nessie" sat at the bench to color (first photo).  While coloring my Bailey Bailey (doxie) came into the studio underneath the bench.  Christina was watching.  In a few minutes Christina was following Bailey Bailey underneath the bench (third photo) and was very pleased when she…

Circles and Rectangles

I've been hanging around a few manufacture blogs checking out the new CHA (craft and hobby association) Trade Show releases.  I'm picking up all sorts of new techniques and having a blast.   I found one layout of interest that used circles and rectangles, so I created my own.

The Story
This is my friend's little Tucker.  He and his wife went to Ohio for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I really haven't been around  dogs since my Bailey Bailey (named him twice because he was the best) passed away.  I thought I'd lost my heart the day he died.  My friend thought it might be good for me to be around another pup.  So enters Tucker into my holidays.

Tucker is a cutie.  He followed me everywhere.  Every time I sat down Tucker would be in my lap.  He even loved scrapbooking with me.  We would tussle and play.  Jim even enjoyed Tucker enough he let him snuggle in the bed with us...I don't think we had a choice.  Needless to say I found my puppy heart. 

The Layout

Things I Lear…


I am having a blast learning about new techniques and applying them to my own layouts!  It's fun to stretch yourself and at times "Go Where No One Has Gone Before!"  LOL

The layout did not turn out as expected.  I've been reading and learning about multiple layers.  I love layering but I've never taken it this far before.  At one point I counted 6 layers.  I also love using my Tattered Angels glimmer mist to add a bit of color and a random design. 

The Story
The layout is of my husband.  Tomorrow we celebrate our First Date!  We were having a discussion on what day was our first date.  We both knew the month.  Jimmy went digging in his "keep it" box and found a little metal tag with the date of our First Date engraved.  After our first date Jimmy went home and engraved "Jimmy loves Debby 1-18-77"  on a tag and he's kept it all these years.  Later I found in my senior (HS) memory book I had written down our first date and all the dates we h…

Lovin' Texture

I love adding texture to my scrapbook layouts.  I had someone pose the question of what do I do with all these types of layouts.  Most of them go into my scrapbooks.  You can see the spacers I make for these type of  layouts under the tab at the top of the page Debby's Dare Demo or just click on the link.  I also frame some of my layouts.  When I decorate the house for the holidays or season I'll pull out my favorite layouts and frame them.  

Living in South Carolina I don't get the opportunity to do many snow layouts.  This year is a banner year with two snowfalls already.  I love these photos of my guys out in the snow.  My husband usually works no matter the weather.  The last snowfall was so bad that he did not have to go.  So he had a blast playing in the snow with the boys. 

(my photo of the layout is a bit fuzzy.  I'm having camera issues...sorry)
I couldn't resist adding texture to my layout.  I have...
Magic Meshif you look very close you can see I have an …

Out of the Box

One of my goals for the new year is to take TIME to work on expressing my creativity.  I'm working through newsletters, blogs, and other sites to learn new techniques and styles.

One of my favorite blogs is creative Therapy.  They give one catalyst and then many different styles of "answers."  Their artists as well as their guest artist creates, according to their style, an answer to the catalyst.  The catalyst are thought provoking and the artists take such different views of the catalysts.  I'm truly inspired every time I visit.  If you use the catalyst to create your page (or other art forms) you can truly explore the depth of your heart through the art. 

I often learn by doing.  I would love to take some classes to learn more of the techniques like I saw in the original layout at creative Therapy.  The catalyst is "write a love note."  Anna Dabrowska-Pekocka's layout jumped out at me.  I loved all the different techniques she used on her page.  I d…

TIME for Decisions

My One Little Word I choose this year is Time.  I set some very important personal goals based on my choice of the word Time.  One decision I made is that I'm not a store owner, I'm a scrapbook and paper artist.  This is who I am and what I love doing.  My goal is to spend more time developing my skills as an artist, a photographer, and scrapbooker.  I also want to work on developing more vintage tags with Debby's Design.

I'll be running sales on some outstanding products.  My thanks to Erika Taylor, Katrina Hunt, and Connie Mercer for being the best Queen of heARTS design team.  Connie will be staying on board to design for Debby's Design.  She has a vision for the vintage tags.  She has already been published several time using Debby's Design Tags.

Here are a few designs from Connie using Debby's Dare tags...

From Connie
I used October Afternoon/Thrift Shop, Primas, stick pins ( I made using the Ranger alcohol inks), netting.  I cut my shape ( using my han…

Inbox vs. Mailbox

I'm still working through my email inbox for e-newsletters that I can't personally use.  I did wonder about the days before e-newsletters.  It hasn't been that long ago that I received newsletters in my mailbox.  Creating Keepsakes was one of the best to get me excited about walking to the mailbox each day.  Convention and conference information came by mail.  I know I'm talking horse and buggy days to many bloggers.

Do you miss the newsletters?  I do but I don't. 

I love sitting in my living room reading and rereading my newsletters.  It is easy to go back and read them again a week or two later and some of them I even save for inspiration.

Save the trees is my first thought about about the newsletters.  Also e-newsletters allows frequent correspondence to the readership.  Here's the one I like the best:  I love the links included in my e-newsletter that connect to teaching/inspirational sites.  It really expands the use of the e-newsletter and I ge…

Lessons from A Banana Pudding!

I could not resist a little fun on today's blog post!  I had created another newsletter layout but the weather did not cooperate for me to take a picture.

The Story
As the oldest child in my family I was given the scared trust of helping my mother make homemade banana pudding.  By helping I mean stirring the pudding really really really fast on the stove.  I heard the words a 100 times "Stir it faster or it will burn!"  I also had the responsibility of making the meringue.

You have to know I hated making Banana Pudding.  That's putting it mildly.  Since I married I have not made a banana pudding from scratch.  My husband loved the pudding mix from the box so there were no complaints. 

One thing I forgot to mention... I love my mom's banana pudding, my kids love grandma's banana pudding, and my grandchildren love giggy's banana pudding. 

So after 33 years of marriage I decided this week to make a banana pudding from scratch!

Remember as an impressionable …