From Digi to Paper

I was on Facebook checking out what was going on in the world when I ran across an incredible layout.  As I studied it I realized it was digital, but an incredible digital layout.  I contact my "friend" Jodi Dolbel and asked if I could take her layout which totally inspired me and recreate it my style on paper.  Jodi was game.  You should really check out her blog Jodi's Scraphaven, click on the link to the right that says "Scrapbooking Projects 2010" and Scrapbooking Projects 2011."  There is a lot of great inspiration as Jodi does a lot more than digital scrapbooking.

Here is my take on her digi's the link to hers.  It is the last photo in the gallery called "All Natural."  You can click on the layout below to enlarge it and see more of the details.

The Story
This is my daughter's first professional photo at about 1 month.  Her little dress is a light pastel green and believe it or not I paid more for that dress than I ever had for my clothes to that date.  LOL  My daughter will be having her first baby soon and it makes me look back and remember when she was tiny. 

The title and part of the lyrics is from Stevie Wonder's song "Isn't She Lovely."  This is mine and Jimmy's song and it fit Tabitha wonderfully.

What I Learned
  • You can do so much with digital scrapbooking.  The layers around the photo are incredible.  One of the layer challenge for me was getting a "frame" to go around the photos as in the digi layout.  I found this overlay that is 5 x 7 and it worked! 
  • Double check your layering before gluing it all down.  I got all the layers placed and started adhering them to the paper only to discover I left out the ribbon.  Needless to say that was a "redo."
  • Jodi had this wonderful swirl with "scrabble" tiles for her title.  All the tiles I had were too large...the blessing of digi is to be able to size your elements.  I substituted with a Recollections Pearl and Lace swirl. 
  • Hearts aren't always to cute.  I don't use hearts very much.  I punched these with my Fiskars scalloped squeeze punches from Tim Holtz's distress paper.  I added some pen stitching and I have hearts I can deal with.  LOL
  • I loved placing elements on the bottom left hand side.  The little paper doll is actually from a card kit by K & Company.  I didn't want the card per say, I did like the paper elements they included, especially the paper dolls.
  • I'm proud of learning this technique.  I learned how to make circle journaling with my Photoshop Elements.  Here is the best instructions I've ever had... Design House Digital.
I feel good about the challenge and I'm great satisfied with the results.  This was one of my hardest layouts for me.  I don't mind trying it again!

I had given you the link to Ali Edwards official Creative Keepsakes handwriting.  Now I have a link to Becky Higgins handwriting font in both cursive and block.  It also includes Ali's handwriting font.  I love them.  I hope you enjoy.

Bloggers have a wonderfully creative weekend!

Gratitude List
1.  Vanessa
2.  my beautiful Hannah
3.  sticking to a project, both scrappy and my home organization
4.  precious time with Jim
5.  God's blessings that I "graduated"


  1. Your layout is soooo pretty!

  2. fantastic layout!!! I love all these Lo's you have done!!!

  3. Beautiful layout! and thanks so much for the links to the fonts and to the journaling technique. Love it!!!!

  4. Beautiful example of what can be done with digital scrapbooking!

  5. WOW Debby, that is totally AWESOME, what a great job you have done! Thanks so much for the lovely words!
    Jodi XX


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