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Out of Time...

I'll annouce winners, share photos and post a new All About You in 52 when I return from The Fiskars B-Day party and the Craft and Hobby Association Trade show.
Remember this is freebie week with All About You in 52. I'll be interested in see what you ask yourself.


Merry Christmas

I'll be MIA all day today. The Christmas in July, Charity Crop for Toys for Tots starts in less than 8 hours. OMGoodness. I'm excited

I'll try and post a few photos before I go to bed tonight and announce the winner of the 2nd Poll Dare. Thanks for taking the polls. They certainly have given some insight.

Okay, I need you to put aside a little bit of money. When the October issue of Somerset Studio's Memories comes out and I would love all my friends to run out and buy a copy. Why? you ask. Because one of my dreams will come true. I've always wanted to be published in Memories and now it is happening. I'm over the top floating on air. A canvas I created of my uncles is being published. Never give up on your dreams.

Let me add a few photos here. I'll post a few photos tonight of the crop and my "off to CHA" post.

My Autograph book for Disney and Fiskars 360th Birthday Day Party.
I ran across this photo that was taken when I taught puppetry at an Univer…

New Polls & Winner & Another RAK

Wow, days and nights are getting very busy. I can't believe how much work it is to get ready for a trip. LOL Do not take to little, Do not take too much....take just right. LOL
I haven't shown a lot of the things I've been working on because it is for the Birthday Party for Fiskars in Orlando, Florida. Get ready when I get back to see and read a lot of Disney!
Here is the tag I've made to go with mmmmmmm

Here is a cutie. EK Success makes Disney Friends acrylic stamps. So I stamped Goofy (my favorite) on shrink paper, colored it with color pencils and heated it up. It's for mmmmmmmm.
The winner for the Christmas in July Charity Crop kit is
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Ryzmomplus2 said...
Great questions, loved the poll and the answers!
11:11 AM
Congratulations Ryzmomplus2. Send me your snail mail addy at
Above is another set of questions. I appreciate your help and your honest opinions. Take…

All About You in 52, Week 29

{Poll ends tonight... Leave your comment HERE to be in the drawing tomorrow and help me out one more time with another set of polls. }
Thanks Vicki for all the wonderful catch up work you've done. Congratulations. Thank you Michelle for being there every week. You should now have 28 layouts about YOU. Did you ever think you would ever have that many layouts solely about YOU? I'm having a lot of fun.
Next Week I'll be in Orlando at the Fiskars Birthday Party Bash and for the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. Week 30 of All About You in 52 is a FREEBIE! You pick a subject, a time, a photo and scrap it. Rule: It must be all about you. August 3 the weekly RAKs start back. That's three days after CHA...I wonder what RAK I can bring back??
My son is now driving, despite my better judgement. LOL He is so tall, around 6'5" and still growing! My car does not fit him, Adams car does not fit him and dad's is a company vehicle. So we are going to be forced into bu…

Leave Your Poll Comment HERE.....Giveaway

no, not really. But I would love if you would take a minute and fill out the polls above.

Ask your scrappy friends to come take the polls also.

I do not know very much about kits.

~~Take the survey

~~Post a comment

~~Have your friend take the poll

~~Have your friend leave a comment...

You will have your name in the drawing twice or three times or as many friends (scrappy please) to take the poll.

The drawing is for a wonderful page kit I've created for the Christmas in July Toys for Tots Crop. The paper line is Cloud9 with some Melissa Frances and fun ribbon.

Yes, it is a Christmas kit. Lots of paper, lots of embellishments, a chipboard book...everyone say OOOOOOO! You can tell I'm sitting here drinking too much caffeine!!

Have a wonderfully blessed day and thank you.

Gratitude List
1. colors
2. God's comfort for Sudie
3. friends who will help do the impossible
4. strength and grace for everyday
5. God's plan for my day.

CHA Sneak Peeks and Giveaways

I really posted this on Thursday...worked on it last night. I decided to check out what's new and happening for this summer and the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. I found a few things you might enjoy and several giveaways that are happening.

I you know of a new line or tool or a it in the comment section.

What's a blog post without photos. I'm been reduced to using my phone for my camera. More explanations the end. Jim and I were playing at Cracker Barrel the other day. My shot is inspirational...his shot, hmmm, never hand my husband a camera! LOL

Hero Arts Blog....Giveaway ends Saturday 11:59 PST
Websters Pages New Release
Cosmos Cricket Newest (watch, they always have great giveaways)
Making Memories Sneak Peeks and several Giveaways for taking a survey, winners drawn Monday July 20.

Creative Imaginations with some great new line! Lovin' it.

Prima great peak at their new line via layouts and projects.
Maya Road Sneak Peaks and a Recipe Contest


Day 7 of the Butterfly Project

I want to show you a little butterfly project that you and your children can do. It's fun and so so easy. It's funny because you will need coffee filters which is what Groovy Deborah is using on her blog today to make embellishments. Great minds. LOL

It was 5 in the morning, but you will get the idea on how to do the butterflies. LOL

I've been touched deeply by the children of Terezin. Terezin was not the only place during the Holocaust where children suffered and died, but Terezin was one of the camps that captured my heart. 1,500,000 children died during the Holocaust. Let remember them with our butterflies. Our last poem:I NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLYThe last, the very last,So richly, brightly, dazzlingly yellow.Perhaps if the sun’s tears would sing against a white stone....
Such, such a yellowIs carried lightly ’way up high.It went away I’m sure because it wished to kiss the world good-bye.
For seven weeks I’ve lived in here,Penned up inside this ghetto.But I have found wha…

Butterfly Project Day 6

I have had a wonderful time discovering new ways to make butterflies. Last night I sat in front of the computer and took an origami lesson on making butterflies. I loved it and could not stop. I make the Butterflies in remembrance of these children of Terezin. The children often participated in plays. Hilter would make a "show and tell" out of Terezin to show the world nothing was wrong. Then Terezin was all but forgotten. If you survived Terezin's Concentration Camp for anytime you were transported to Aushchwitz where the children died. Poem written by Alena Synkova, one of Terezin's children:
TO OLGA Listen! The boat whistle has sounded now And we must sail Out toward an unknown port. We'll sail a long, long way And dreams will turn to truth. Oh, how sweet the name Morocco! Listen! Now it's time. The wind sings songs of far away, Just look up to heaven And think about the violets.
Listen! Now it's time. --Alena Synkova
Gratitude List 1. crafters who care 2. t…

All About You in 52, Question 28

Earlier we had a question that asked about the best advice ever given you that you would want to pass on. This week I was thinking about funny bits of advice I've been given over the years. LOL It would be good advice but the timing was all wrong or funny advice that made sense but still made you laugh later.

My thoughts this week have been toward all the advice my mother has given through the years. A mom's advice is often the best. Advice from fashion (that didn't stick with me...I'm a comfort kinda of gal), advice about raising your children (irritating at times, funny at times, good stuff at times0, advice about etiquette (don't cross your legs, cross your ankles, sit up straight, yes ma'am, no ma'am, thank yous, please) or advice about boys (I won't go there LOL). Regardless, the most advice you will ever get will be from your mother.

"What is one piece of advice you have received from your mother that struck you as funny?"

My Answe…

Butterfly Project Day 4

I'm inspired by the creativity of the children of Terezin. I like experimenting and doing something "different" for me.
For those working on the Butterfly Project here is the link to the information from the Huston, Texas Holocaust Museum. It includes the address to send your butterflies. I would encourage you to have a group crafting event to make butterflies or at your next crop challenge everyone to make one or two butterflies. 1,500,000 is a lot of butterflies. 1,500,00 is a lot of children. Let's let our children know we remember.
Here is my butterflies for Day 4.
I used Maya Road's chipboard butterflies. Using Robin Beam's bandanna technique and Sakura's glazed pens I created each individual butterfly to be unique. Because grungepaper can do anything (LOL) I used it on the back of the collection of butterflies to permanently connect them. I would use either Glossy Accents by Ranger or Art Glitter by Art Glitter. This was quick and easy.
I found this v…

Butterfly Project Day 3

I'm late getting day three posted. I was "yard selling" at a flea market today. I met a lot of crafters. BTW: Hi Linda. Linda reads Debby's Dare and I got to meet her today. It was great. I enjoyed our time.
Here is my butterfly for day three. I used this iron on adhesive which I've never used before. When you do projects like this and do it the wrong way, use your craft mat and not your ironing board. I'll have to take a picture of the gooey mess for you. LOL Needless to say, we had to buy a new ironing board cover. LOL
I loved this because by using the iron on adhesive the fabric on the back is adhered so well to the fabric on the front that you can see the dots from the back on the front. That is very cool. The curly top is actually paper ribbon. If you get a chance to buy some of this it is great. According to Stephanie, at Funkie Munkie Scraps, it can do anything and you can do anything to it. The last poem made me cry and it is hard to read the poems from…

Butterfly Project Day 2

I'm enjoying playing and experimenting with making Butterflies. For me personally, I'm trying to make each one unique as each child was unique and special. Here is another poem by one of the children of Terezin.

Read to the end to get a feel of what Michael was going through the day he wrote this.


On a purple, sun-shot evening
Under wide-flowering chestnut trees
Upon the threshold full of dust
Yesterday, today, the days are all like these.
Trees flower forth in beauty,
Lovely too their very wood all gnarled and old
That I am half afraid to peer
Into their crowns of green and gold.
The sun has made a veil of gold
So lovely that my body aches.
Above, the heavens shriek with blue
Convinced I've smiled by some mistake.
The world's abloom and seems to smile.
I want to fly but where, how high?
If in barbed wire, things can bloom
Why couldn't I?
I will not die
--Michael Flack, 1944

My Butterfly for Day 2:

This is one butterfly I put it together for dimension. I used Fiskars …

Handcrafted Butterflies to Remember

Terezin, I cry when I hear the name. My son and I studied about the children of Terezin, a unique concentration camp during WWII. This was a the fake city of safety, a ruse to fool the world.
Jacob playing the part of one of the children in Terezin's Concentration Camp. The prisoners were determined to the preservation of music, art, education and all that creates culture amidst these appalling conditions. Two hundredthousand persons passed through there, fifteen thousand children. Only 132 of those children were known to have survived. The poems and drawings by the children were hidden at Terezin inside mattresses and stuffed in cracks between the walls of houses. They were recovered after the war. Many of these other poems and drawings are collected in a book which was published by the United States Holocaust Museum, "I Never Saw Another Butterfly."

Here is a poem by one of the children who did not survive.


Only take heed, and keep your soul diligently, Lest you…

Dare To Be Different

I am pondering styles. there are different tastes for different people. I love a hair cut that is functional. Get up and go. Tennis shoes are good on any occasion in my world. I want home decor that reflects peacefulness and also items that provoke memories of past people or events. I'd rather have a SUV (really I would!). Styles are different for everyone.

Style can be following the crowd. The latest designer, latest purse, latest product, latest color trends, latest of anything. Everyone has "it", but it is style.

While pondering these things (LOL) I thought about the subtitle of my blog "Do not Dare to be Different, Dare to be Yourself." When I wrote that I was tired of trying to be different, to get noticed and my energy often ended me up following the latest styles.

Revelation!I am different because I'm striving to be MYSELF! I am // you are a unique individual. The revelation comes with a price. You have to put yourself out there. You have to be prepared…

All About You in 52, Question 27

We are over the hump! Congratulations to everyone that has stuck in there so far. I love my book. What memories we've all brought to paper. I believe for me my book will be a treasure for me and for my family.

Doing a book about ourselves is probably up in the top 10 books that never get created. I think a sense of humility about journaling about ourselves, sharing who we truly were and have become and sharing that with others makes this a very difficult Dare. I know this is a tough creative journey, I'm right there with you. We are over the half way mark. Michelle says we should be CELEBRATING! This is for you Michelle.

This week's question was inspired by Melissa. Melissa is of a different generation than me and forgot to include what is going now in our lives. So Melissa thanks for the feedback and thanks for doing a lot of catch up work. check out Melissa's layouts at The above link will take you to her gallery and you can see her Debby's Dare crea…

Big Project Finished

Remember you can be a Santa for a Child this Month. Christmas in July RAK is happening here on Debby's Dare. See the post for information and photos of Debby's Dare Biggest RAK ever. Matter-of-Fact there are two of them. Share with your friends so we can meet at least 100 stories. Another's a new school year soon so why not donate school supplies, art supplies, lunch boxes, etc. to a local school and don't forget our homeschool families too.
Take a look to the right of the blog post. Do you see County Fair Crop Donations? It is growing as well as the Fiskateers coming together to have a blow out of a crop in Columbia, South Carolina at Sesquicentennial State Park. The cost is only $30.00 and it includes food, a table to yourself, over night stay and the best fun you can have. If you would like to attend or have more questions email me at my cropping addy Not a Fiskateer? You can take care of that easily. Go to Fiskateer and click on &q…

Christmas in July and A BIG DARE

We are having Christmas in July. At the end of the month I’m hosting a Charity Crop for Toys for Tots. All the crafters will be bringing a gift for us to donate to the local Toys for Tots. I’m always busy at Christmas time and often don’t have what I would like to give. Julyis designated on Debby’s Dare as Christmas in July! Before my children hit me up for Christmas presents I’m will be purchasing Christmas for those in need. Here is YOUR Month Long DARE:Help our children. Volunteer to read at the Library or children’s hospital. Give a gift to Toys for Tots. Host a crafting party for children. Make cards to send to children that are in hospitals during Christmas. Be a Secret Santa to a child in need during the month of July. What ever you can imagine that would help our children you do it…I DARE YOU.

The Dare opens today and closes on August 1st.

Share your story on this post. If you have a layout or photos of what you are doing post your link (2 chances to win).

I have two prize packag…