Butterfly Project Day 3

I'm late getting day three posted. I was "yard selling" at a flea market today. I met a lot of crafters. BTW: Hi Linda. Linda reads Debby's Dare and I got to meet her today. It was great. I enjoyed our time.

Here is my butterfly for day three. I used this iron on adhesive which I've never used before. When you do projects like this and do it the wrong way, use your craft mat and not your ironing board. I'll have to take a picture of the gooey mess for you. LOL Needless to say, we had to buy a new ironing board cover. LOL

I loved this because by using the iron on adhesive the fabric on the back is adhered so well to the fabric on the front that you can see the dots from the back on the front. That is very cool. The curly top is actually paper ribbon. If you get a chance to buy some of this it is great. According to Stephanie, at Funkie Munkie Scraps, it can do anything and you can do anything to it.
The last poem made me cry and it is hard to read the poems from the children of Terezin's concentration camps without seeing hope, determination and such a desire for life. Reading each poem makes these children real for me. I've never met them, but they are my children...our children.

A mousie sat upon a shelf,
Catching fleas in his coat of fur.
But he couldn't catch her- what chagrin!
-She'd hidden 'way inside his skin.
He turned and wriggled, knew no rest,
That flea was such a nasty pest!
His daddy came
And searched his coat.
He caught the flea and off he ran
To cook her in the frying pan.
The little mouse cried, "Come and see!
For lunch we've got a nice, fat flea!"
--Koleba 1944

Gratitude List
1. not getting sun burned at the market
2. meeting new friends
3. having opportunities to make people smile
4. my husband for being very helpful
5. God's answer to my prayer. Thank you.


  1. wow i love the ladybug colored Butterly.. nice work i love spending time on your blo!


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