Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Butterfly Project Day 6

I have had a wonderful time discovering new ways to make butterflies. Last night I sat in front of the computer and took an origami lesson on making butterflies. I loved it and could not stop.

I make the Butterflies in remembrance of these children of Terezin. The children often participated in plays. Hilter would make a "show and tell" out of Terezin to show the world nothing was wrong. Then Terezin was all but forgotten. If you survived Terezin's Concentration Camp for anytime you were transported to Aushchwitz where the children died.

Poem written by Alena Synkova, one of Terezin's children:

The boat whistle has sounded now
And we must sail
Out toward an unknown port.
We'll sail a long, long way
And dreams will turn to truth.
Oh, how sweet the name Morocco!
Now it's time.
The wind sings songs of far away,
Just look up to heaven
And think about the violets.

Now it's time.
--Alena Synkova

Gratitude List
1. crafters who care
2. the eyes that can see the extraordinary beauty of God's Creation
3. my life
4. God's love that allows me to extend love to others
5. Trust in God who sees my pain, loves me and comforts me.


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