Dare To Be Different

I am pondering styles. there are different tastes for different people. I love a hair cut that is functional. Get up and go. Tennis shoes are good on any occasion in my world. I want home decor that reflects peacefulness and also items that provoke memories of past people or events. I'd rather have a SUV (really I would!). Styles are different for everyone.

Style can be following the crowd. The latest designer, latest purse, latest product, latest color trends, latest of anything. Everyone has "it", but it is style.

While pondering these things (LOL) I thought about the subtitle of my blog "Do not Dare to be Different, Dare to be Yourself." When I wrote that I was tired of trying to be different, to get noticed and my energy often ended me up following the latest styles.

Revelation! I am different because I'm striving to be MYSELF! I am // you are a unique individual. The revelation comes with a price. You have to put yourself out there. You have to be prepared to fail. You have to be prepared for disappointment and sometimes a broken heart. You also have to be prepared to be happy, free from what other's think and say, to standout as a unique person full of creativity. You must be ready for that on slot of people wanting to know you because you are real and genuine. You must be prepared to truly live life.

Scrapbooking: styles. I'm sure some

one can put my layouts into several "style" categories. Matter-of-fact, I can do that! BUT Scrapbooking is about ...

The Stories

The Photo's that Preserve The Stories

The Journaling that Explains The Stories

Basic Scrapbooking 101! I forget that sometimes when playing with all the wonderful products and trying my hand at the latest trends.

So I'm not misunderstood....I love the style scrapbooking I create. Love, love, love it. As I go to crops or meet with people who want to get into scrapbooking they can be overwhelmed by it all. I know I was. LOL For about 2 or 3 months into scrapbooking I used nothing but scissors and knew nothing about a personal trimmer. I was the personal trimmer!

Why am I so retrospective today? I've been thinking...clear the room....I've been studying...nothing new...and I believe ... I'll share it with you later. LOL Sorry, I'm such a tease.

Do you want to be original? Different?

Dare To Be Yourself.

Gratitude List
1. God's plan for my day
2. Day by day discovery of who I'm in Christ
3. Fun Friends
4. Faith in God's Provision
5. Simple, innocent love


  1. She is so CUTE!!!!

  2. Great post Debby! Thanks for the reminder that I seem to need when I think that my pages aren't as great as everyone else's. They're perfect for where *I* am in life as the mom of four little ones! :) ((HUGS)) to you!!

  3. Super post! Everything happens for a reason... as I stumbled upon this tonight I know why. :) *hugs*


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