Merry Christmas

I'll be MIA all day today. The Christmas in July, Charity Crop for Toys for Tots starts in less than 8 hours. OMGoodness. I'm excited

I'll try and post a few photos before I go to bed tonight and announce the winner of the 2nd Poll Dare. Thanks for taking the polls. They certainly have given some insight.

Okay, I need you to put aside a little bit of money. When the October issue of Somerset Studio's Memories comes out and I would love all my friends to run out and buy a copy. Why? you ask. Because one of my dreams will come true. I've always wanted to be published in Memories and now it is happening. I'm over the top floating on air. A canvas I created of my uncles is being published. Never give up on your dreams.

Let me add a few photos here. I'll post a few photos tonight of the crop and my "off to CHA" post.

My Autograph book for Disney and Fiskars 360th Birthday Day Party.

I ran across this photo that was taken when I taught puppetry at an University. What a fun job I had. I also found some cute stamps from Me & My Big Ideas and could not resist. Please note the color of the dress and shoes I'm wearing. So this layout was for nothing more than my silly pleasure. LOL

Gratitude List
1. Feeling much better today, God's hand of mercy
2. Great Friends, thank you God for giving Kathy to the ministry of FOS
3. Time, to love and to dance
4. Assurance, sweet and refreshing
5. God's love


  1. Your layout is cute. It shows what a fun loving person you are.

  2. I love your autograph book and layout. Great poll questions as well.

  3. Morning I posted on this poll too. .. safe travels!


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