Butterfly Project Day 2

I'm enjoying playing and experimenting with making Butterflies. For me personally, I'm trying to make each one unique as each child was unique and special. Here is another poem by one of the children of Terezin.

Read to the end to get a feel of what Michael was going through the day he wrote this.


On a purple, sun-shot evening
Under wide-flowering chestnut trees
Upon the threshold full of dust
Yesterday, today, the days are all like these.
Trees flower forth in beauty,
Lovely too their very wood all gnarled and old
That I am half afraid to peer
Into their crowns of green and gold.
The sun has made a veil of gold
So lovely that my body aches.
Above, the heavens shriek with blue
Convinced I've smiled by some mistake.
The world's abloom and seems to smile.
I want to fly but where, how high?
If in barbed wire, things can bloom
Why couldn't I?
I will not die
--Michael Flack, 1944

My Butterfly for Day 2:

This is one butterfly I put it together for dimension. I used Fiskars Ultra Shape Xpress Butterfly Template.

Remember making butterflies for the butterfly project does count for the BIG Debby Dare. The link is at the top of the blog.

The beginning of a large project...

How can you not be inspired by my daughter and David's photo. This is page one of their engagement book.

Gratitude List:
1. Rain
2. my Sudie getting well
3. Tabitha's love
4. Laughter
5. God's creation


  1. Beautiful butterflies...what a great idea :)

  2. beautiful butterflies. love their uniqueness. love the engagement lo. beautiful and romantic.

  3. wonderful creations.. wow!

  4. Love the butterflies and what a beautiful layout!


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