All About You in 52, Question 28

Earlier we had a question that asked about the best advice ever given you that you would want to pass on. This week I was thinking about funny bits of advice I've been given over the years. LOL It would be good advice but the timing was all wrong or funny advice that made sense but still made you laugh later.

My thoughts this week have been toward all the advice my mother has given through the years. A mom's advice is often the best. Advice from fashion (that didn't stick with me...I'm a comfort kinda of gal), advice about raising your children (irritating at times, funny at times, good stuff at times0, advice about etiquette (don't cross your legs, cross your ankles, sit up straight, yes ma'am, no ma'am, thank yous, please) or advice about boys (I won't go there LOL). Regardless, the most advice you will ever get will be from your mother.

"What is one piece of advice you have received from your mother that struck you as funny?"

My Answer

Mom gave me her best advice on my wedding day. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle she pulled me aside and told me, “Remember to change the sheets on the bed once a week.“ (October 1977)

Prima's July Sketch (sign up for their newsletter to receive your monthly sketch via email)
All elements and paper are from Prima
Title: Circut Jasmine
Tools: Fiskars Rotary Trimmer, Fiskars Micro-Tip Scissors
Pen: EK Success

Winners: Everyone that completes their question this week is a winner from keeping up, for pushing ahead, for the struggle. You are indeed winners. Note: Remember RAKs do not start back until the first week of August. All my RAKs for All About You in 52 have been mailed. If you have not received them yet contact me me immediately.

Day 5 of the Butterfly Project
It's truly heartbreaking to read the poems of the children from the Terezin Concentration camp. But as I read of their desire to live and to be remember I see extraordinary strength and determination in the midst of horror. Can you remember the times you were having a Brain Freeze with your creativity? These children found the ability to create in the midst of what would "Brain Freeze" the best of crafters. Today they are remembered. Today their bravery is honored. I hope you will participate in the Butterfly Project. See Day 4 for a link for more information.

My Butterflies. LOL I pulled out the Sizzix die cuts and made a bunch of butterflies, little stamping, a little coloring, adding on Dew Drops (with Art Glitter so they won't come off)...and easily I made a bunch of butterflies each one unique.

Poem from a child of Terezin

He doesn't know the world at all
Who stays in his nest and doesn't go out.
He doesn't know what birds know best
Nor what I want to sing about,
That the world is full of loveliness.

When dewdrops sparkle in the grass
And earth's aflood with morning light,
A blackbird sings upon a bush
To greet the dawning after night.
Then I know how fine it is to live.

Hey, try to open up your heart
To beauty; go to the woods someday
And weave a wreath of memory there.
Then if the tears obscure your way
You'll know how wonderful it is
To be alive.
--Anonymous 1941

Gratitude List
1. to have life
2. God's abundance towards me
3. grace, faith and strength for every need
4. listeners
5. my beautiful children who do not know a world of horror


  1. Interesting question there. . . have to dig deep to see if I can come up with something. . . your butterflies are adorable there!

  2. interesting question and usually when posed my mind just goes blank. hate that. so i will ponder and hopefully someone did give me some advice somewhere.

    you are so rockin the butterflies.

  3. Got mine done thanks for all you do !

  4. Here's this week's answer - it was harder than I thought it would be.

    I'm having trouble getting into past questions - so here are the pages for those.


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