Butterfly Project Day 4

I'm inspired by the creativity of the children of Terezin. I like experimenting and doing something "different" for me.

For those working on the Butterfly Project here is the link to the information from the Huston, Texas Holocaust Museum. It includes the address to send your butterflies. I would encourage you to have a group crafting event to make butterflies or at your next crop challenge everyone to make one or two butterflies. 1,500,000 is a lot of butterflies. 1,500,00 is a lot of children. Let's let our children know we remember.

Here is my butterflies for Day 4.

I used Maya Road's chipboard butterflies. Using Robin Beam's bandanna technique and Sakura's glazed pens I created each individual butterfly to be unique. Because grungepaper can do anything (LOL) I used it on the back of the collection of butterflies to permanently connect them. I would use either Glossy Accents by Ranger or Art Glitter by Art Glitter. This was quick and easy.

I found this video on Youtube and had to add it here to see a beautiful card project using the Bandanna Technique.

Our next poem is by Michael Flack, one of the children of the Terezin Concentration Camp. This was a harsh reality that the children faced daily.

The heaviest wheel rolls across our foreheads
To bury itself deep somewhere inside our memories.

We've suffered here more than enough,
Here in this clot of grief and shame,
Wanting a badge of blindness
To be a proof for their own children.

A fourth year of waiting, like standing above a swamp
From which any moment might gush forth a spring.

Meanwhile, the rivers flow another way,
Another way,
Not letting you die, not letting you live.

And the cannons don't scream and the guns don't bark
And you don't see blood here.
Nothing, only silent hunger.
Children steal the bread here and ask and ask and ask
And all would wish to sleep, keep silent and just to go to sleep again...

The heaviest wheel rolls across our foreheads
To bury itself deep somewhere inside our memories.
--Michael Flack, 1944

Gratitude List
1. sincere people in my life
2. caring people in my life
3. truth, solid in God's Word
4. because of God's light in my life there is never totally darkness
5. God's strength when we don't understand


  1. maryannehoekman527110:15 AM

    thanks for sharing the video! It is always great to see the projects that you create!


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