Will I "toot" today?

My weekend went fast and my week promises to be faster and harder. I worked on a Sarahbinder. I'm still picking out glue from everywhere on that project. I also got started on a fabulous layout. Well, I think it is fun. Thought: when you have three guys in the house and no girls (already moved out) pink fru fru with flowers does not work. We need a "guys" trend. I know I can use flowers for baby or small boys. But my 13 years does not want "flowers" on layouts about him. Matter-of-fact neither does my 22 year old. LOL Maybe I'll come up with the next big guy trend! I'll work on.

My day promises to be very busy, but not too busy to check the emails for a tootable call. My dream and my hope! Well, see.

Mother's Day is around the corner...what to do?!