I Remember

TSGT. Otis C. Perkins


My father, my hero! My father served in the United States Air Force for 20 years. He traveled the world, served in the Vietnam War, and in the Cold war. He came from very poor, hard conditions for a home life and joined the service as a way out. But my father continued to reenlist because serving his country was of utmost pride to him. He actually worked in the "secret service" area of the USAF. His job was to measure energy transmissions from countries not quiet friendly to the USA at the time. He would travel in civilian clothing to many different places, set up equipment in "radio stations," take the measurements of mostly radioactive transmissions from then USSR, but several other countries as well. My dad loved serving the military. It allowed him to grow as a person. He experienced things he would have never had the opportunity to experience...different countries, different cultures, different people. He met his best friend for life in the military, my Uncle Max. He met and married my mom because of the military. He gave us children the experiences of a life time because of his services. When I hear a military band my heart races and remembers the days of my youth when dad would take us to events on base. Today when I go to a ballgame or other events where they honor those who served this country my heart swells with pride and love for my father. I'm proud of my father's service to this country. My dad died of Parkinson disease. Even though he is not a fallen solider from a specific war, my father gave the best part of who he was to our country, to our freedoms, to make sure I stayed safe and had the opportunities not given to everyone in this world.

I also want to remember Lt. Col. Ivan Applebee. My father bought an MIA bracelet while he was in Vietnam. He gave it go me when I was only 13 years old. I still have this bracelet. I've been to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. and saw his name and looked him up in the book. He remains MIA to this date. I want to remember his family today and pay him honor as he truly gave everything to his country...his family, his life.



I think I will try to make this "remembrance week" and do a small tribute to each person in my life that is important.


  1. Wow! Your father is my hero too! This is such an awesome tribute. I read it to my family and my husband was touched by your father's love of country, as was I! Thank you so much for sharing!



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