Time Flies....

...when you are having fun. I'm most happily having the time of my life. I love what I do.

So what do you do? You may ask.

I'm a wife, a SAHM, a crafty person and a business woman!

I'm wife to Jimmy.

I stay at home for Jacob.

I design and do instructional class, mostly dealing with how tos and techniques. I'm better at teaching someone to scrap than to give them what I call and "slap it on" project. I want my students to walk away saying they can do this again and change it up and even do something different.

I own Creative Dreams Studio. CDS has its own beginnings with a little on line store. (See link to the right.) CDS includes Debby's Dare where I love to challenge you in different areas of your craft, your knowledge, and make great friends. I teach and train for CDS, Fiskars, and Xyron. I also will start doing craft shows starting at the end of November. Included in that are classes and make-n-takes.

I am a child of God. Simple!

So, I'm happy in what I do and excited for opportunities to hook others into preserving their memories creatively.

Story Time: Once upon a time in a land called Hobby Lobby. A very obsessed scrapbooker had to have the last two treasure of PLAIN Grudgeboard in all the kingdom. She happily searches and finds the grunge! Yes, the last of the treasure was still there. So the obsessed scrapbooker takes her wonderful treasures to the firer breathing dragon that takes all her gold to get past the moat to enjoy her wonderful treasure.

The very terrible dragon said the treasure was worth a more than 24 pieces of gold. To the obsessed scrapbooker this was truly an amazing find. Dreams of what she would creative were running through her mind. As she reached in her golden pouch she finds that the magic wand was left back at the castle. In a panic she searches and searches and alas, she is unable to find the magic wand.

A neighborly person offers the obsessed scrapbooker 5 pieces of gold to add to the 8 pieces of gold she found in her golden bag. Hurray! The obsessed scrapbooker could at least take home one half of her grungy treasure. The dragon who says without the wand you can not leave wonderland, summed up the worth of the obsessed scrapbookers' treasure and told her that her treasure was vauled at 11 pieces of gold. Happy to have some of her treasure and overwhelmed by the generosity of her neighborly neighbor she takes the treasure bag from the dragon as the dragon smiles mischievouly at the obsessed scrapbooker. In the treasure bag was TWO treasures and a some trinkets. "Oh, No," exclaimed the obessed scrapbooker, "there must be a mistake!" The dragon said no and off came her disguise. She was truly the Queen of wonderland. She had given all the treasure to the obsessed scrapbooker for only the gold offered for one piece. The obsessed scrapbookers was overwhelmed with the love other citizens of the kingdom showed to her.

The moral of the story. Watch for blessings when they are completely expected. God not only gives us our needs, but the desires of our heart. True tale, guys.

Don't forget the two challenges: Give to the Susan G. Koman or other organizations that strive to eradicate breast cancer. Check out the challenge.

I Dare you to Keep Going on your week in a life mini, mini challenge. Click on the link to get more information on this challenge.

I've been updating Creative Dreams Studio's blog. See what wonders are up there.

Gratitude List:
1. Strangers with a heart and love for others
2. Better health tonight
3. Unexpected gifts
4. Susan aka Sudie with M and A
5. God's complete love and care for my every desire.


  1. Debby, what a cool story. I love your sense of humor, but even more the message to practice RAK whenever we have a chance.

  2. Love your fairy tale! It is so wonderful to hear about people being so kind and generous. :)

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    You made me laugh today, Debby and that's a blessing. Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed it.

  4. You're so funny! I love your 'story'!

  5. Cindy Fiskateer #205912:35 PM

    Very cool story, Debby! I love the way you told it.

  6. Love the fairy tale! :)


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