Wipe Out Day!

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Friday, I woke up so very excited. I'm going to see my friend Sudie AND the icing on the cake was I get to take a class from Donna Downey. Whoo Hoo.


I haven't driven by myself outside of the greater Columbia area since I had a car accident in 1998. I was scared out of my wits. (Sorry, Sudie...I didn't tell you :{ ). God's hand was certainly protecting me and helped me to actually get in the car at the anticipation of it all.

To have a day to myself. No working, no cares, just me and my friends. Sudie and I had a great time. We are so alike in everything we love to do! I still say Arbys was the best idea yet! I loved her girls. Meme is outgoing and personal. She and I had all the family secrets out in minutes. No, just kidding. She is a very articulate 4 year old. A is so beautiful...both are and she is uber smart. Most of all you can see she is loving. I got a special hug before we left Grandma's.

This was the first time I personally enjoyed a "celebrity event." Usually, it's in and out and the scrapbooking "celeb" talks to only a few. Good grief, I've never seen such personality and caring about talking to everyone. Donna made this class so stress free. "Get it done, don't get it done." I loved it! Keeping up with Sudie almost killed me! LOL That girl can power scrap! LOL Donna was very encouraging personally, professionally, and just all out inspirational. Without saying so, I learned what it was like to "loosen up a bit and enjoy the process." BTW: Bill is just as nice, outgoing and friendly as Donna. "Donna, that one is a keeper!"
Me and Donna doing the "skinny pose!"

Sudie having a blast!

Me and Sher. She is one fun, friendly, talented woman!

Definitely, scraps to the beat of her own drum!!!

I met Mary which made me stand up for joy. I had bought a necklace a few months ago that I adored. Well, Mary is the creator of that necklace and ultimately talented. I also was able to connect with Sher. I love that lady. I hope we are able to continue to "connect."

This is the first time I walked into a LSS for the first time and felt like a "celeb" myself. Everyone at the Pink House was marvelous and friendly. I met so many wonderful people Friday night.

Well, my trip wiped me out. Actually, for the first time in weeks and weeks I have not scrapped. Don't let it fool you though. I've been working on finding the bottom of my studio. I have the computer desk complete. One rack of pattern paper cleaned up (I actually pulled some pattern paper to give away! Yikes!!). I cleaned out and organized a big set of drawers. And I organized my stamps.

The rest of the day was spent washing clothes and getting in "cat" naps.

See my new "favorite" on Creative Dreams Studio blog.

Gratitude List:

1. for rest and and clean time today
2. for great friends, both old and new
3. A and Meme
4. Sudie
5. God protection and care of my life, giving me a calm spirit and peace.


  1. You have a great blog! Love to see your faith shine through in your postings!

  2. you and dd . . . lucky girl! love the layout . . . and the slide show puzzle is too fun! :D

  3. You & Sudie definitely rocked the (Pink) House that night! I still can't believe that you 2 finished so many pages..... I was so busy oh aahing over everyone elses that I only completed 4 pages. It was so great to see you again, all of your lo's were wonderful and you are wonderful! Glad you made it home safe but if ever again you are in my neck of the woods & need a place to lay your head, look me up! Take care. Shere


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