Last day of the Month and I'm Thankful

This one will be a short one today. Here's my five gratitude list for today:

1. Rain on my peas and squash...the squishy kind of rain that's fun to run through.
2. My son Adam, for loving unconditionally.
3. Always my God and Savior's grace and salvation
4. Scrapbooking a hard subject that has helped me reflect on God's goodness
5. Great friends

(Adam and His Ashley...true love)

Here's a question for you: What smells brings back childhood memories to you? Leave a comment and let me know.

Me, are good homemade biscuits. It takes me back to my grandmothers kitchen where she was the best true southern cook....move over Paula Dean!


  1. Eucalyptus - brings back memories of growing up in Australia :)

  2. That hot musty smell after it rains, reminds me of Florida where I grew up


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