Scrapbooking History

When you live half a century you get to see this timeline of history unfold.  

A few biggies since I was born:
Berlin Wall built between East and West Germany
Berlin Wall demolished
We went to the moon
JFK was elected president and was assassinated
Space shuttle challenger exploded with the first teacher, Christa McAuliffe, in space
Vietnam War
Cuban Missile Crisis
Berlin Wall built between East and West Germany
Margret Thatcher becomes prime minister in England
Nelson Mandela becomes president of South Africa
9-11 Attack
Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered
Inventions that changed the course of history

so on and so forth….

Do you scrapbook history?  I had my first paper publication (Scrapbook Answers) scrapbooking the fall of the Berlin Wall.  I was at the remains of the Wall just a few months after the incredible events that lead to the demolishment of the Wall by the people.

The Story
Jim, Jacob, and I had the privilege of watching a WWII B-25 raised from Lake Murray.  Although the photo shows the plane in pieces it was intact when it was brought up from the lake.  They took it apart to transport it.  We found out the history behind the B-25s and it was amazing that only a few intact B-25 still exist.

The Layout

What I Learned
  • I’ve had these photos on my desk for a long time.  They are so busy I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  I just decided to go for it.  It requires a bit more concentration to take in the photos but I’m glad I finally did it.
  • I had 10 photos I only used half and then I THREW the rest of them away.  Yikes!  They showed the same scene over and over again.  It was hard and I nearly freaked out doing it, but I’m glad now.
  • I used original photos.  More importantly I cut original photos with no backup.  Hey, I took a chance I could get it right!  I used what I call the Donna Downey principle:  cut away everything you don’t need and then some.  LOL
  • I wanted the layout to be more masculine so I pull out my gears from Tim Holtz’s Idea-ology line.  To the gears I added Epiphany Crafts round (#14) cap.  I used some left over paper from this same line, and added the blue star caps that fit perfectly with the gears.  I used the tool to cut out the paper shape for the other gears.  I have to tell you I’m lovin’ my Epiphany Crafts tools.
  • I struggled to layer my paper or add to a layout already crowded in my opinion.  I kept it simple but I did add the strips of coordinating paper to add to the design.
  • Titles are hard when you have so many photos to work around.  I had so many fun titles picked out, but they were too long.  “then & now” fit, so there you go.
  • Remember when I had just one small photo on the page, the design was around the photo and the rest of the paper was just blank?  I do.  I’ve got to revisit that style soon!  LOL
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Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.       not sore this morning
2.      how a baby’s smile can make your day so bright
3.      love of a wonderful, unique, loyal husband
4.      my niece, Meghan
5.      God’s rich mercy in my life


  1. love all the tim holtz stuff!!

  2. I have SB a few current event and have encouraged me to do more~your LO is wonderful. All those things you lived to see I did too:)~impressed with your memory to remember~awesome post!!!

  3. I think this is a great idea to scrap history and reflect on all the big events that you've witnessed. Lovely layout. Becky x

  4. Stunning layout.
    I keep meaning to scrap the historic current affairs, but have yet to start. I do keep the newspaper articles and such.

  5. I agree that it is important to scrap history and current events!
    I love how you used a photo block for your photos :)

  6. I don't think I ever have, but it is a great idea. Good for you just doing it! And I love the TH gears paired with Epiphany!

  7. Scrapping history is a great it will gives others a insight into the past from a different perspective, great page and well done on throwing away the photos you didn't need....I need to hoard photos less :)


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