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One of my greatest friends, Sudie Alexander with unKit and Sudie TV, is throwing the online party/event of a lifetime.  Teach Crafts Like a Rock Star, September 22.

When I started teaching crafts I was fortunate enough to have a Master's degree in teaching as well as 20 years teaching experience.  What I didn't know was how to do the business of teaching craft classes.  There is not a lot of information available. 

Sudie has created the perfect online classes with 9 of the most fabulous teachers in the craft industry; all in one spot to teach what took me years to learn.

Teach Crafts Like A Rock Star Line Up
Check out their websites.  It will ROCK your sock off!  LOL

Here's what Sudie, host and Rock Out instructor, says about Teach Crafts Like A Rock Star:

Here’s what you’ll learn about in each section of Teaching Crafts Like a Rock Star.

When you sign up for Teach Like A Rock Star, each week you’ll get all 5 audio modules in a day-by-day fashion (Module 1 on Monday, Module 2 on Tuesday, etc.). This is so you don’t get totally overwhelmed by the content and sit there wondering where to start. I want this course to be easy for you to use.

Module One: How To Get Started/Better Now
I get a lot of calls from instructors who just aren’t getting new opportunities, and they don’t know why. Sometimes they’re just at a plateau and need more gigs. Or there classes just aren’t booking “like the good ole days.”

In these five lessons you’ll hear what what you need to seriously grow your teaching business, starting right now.

Module Two: Creating Rock Star Classes That Sell Out
In these five lessons you’ll hear what tips we have for instructors who want to offer classes (and who want them to sell out every time). 

Module Three: Fill Your Stadium

Module Four: Secrets of a Rock Star Instructor
I’ve structured the course so that you can go through it in any order you choose. Each of the lessons can be listened to in whatever way you want. Each lesson can stand on its own.

Each audio is around 10 to 15 minutes long, so it’s short enough to be easy to listen to, and long enough to give you the good stuff you want.


Sudie Alexander is allowing me to giveaway one seat in the classes.  This has a value of $197.00 (USD).  If you win and have already signed up for the classes Sudie will refund your registration fee.

To enter leave a comment.  I'd like to hear about what you want to learn about Teaching Crafts.  If you have questions leave a comment and Sudie will be answering them in the comment section as well.  Check back often.  I will draw a winner on Friday (I use to find my winner) and post it here on D's Paper Studio.

She is also allowing me, for a limited time, to offer my blog readers a major price break for taking the classes.  Normally they are selling for 197.00, but through the following link you can sign up for $99.00.  Click on the link and register today to get ready to Rock Out.  This is an affiliate link.
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Special Note:  do visit my “legalize” page for my policy on reviews and promotions.

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  a walk down memory lane
2.  fun with Ruth, laughing and enjoy ourselves
3.  Jacob and his excitement about the future
4.  in God's wisdom and His time answer to questions I often have in the middle of transition
5.  for unanswered prayer (it's more than a country song, it's reality)


  1. Wow...what timing...I am pushing toward opening my own studio and teaching classes - this would be such a boost!

    Debbie Y.

    dabblesbydeb at yahoo dot com

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  3. I am intrigued! I too have experience teaching (children), butwould love to see how that same passion and instructional skills can carry over to crafts and adults. Thanks for the chance! I do have a question you have some tips for modifying the pace of a class when you have some "road runners" and some "turtles"?

  4. What a great opportunity~will chek this out!

  5. I heard about this project but not in details...think I will have to visit the web site - thanks!

    Hope your antiquing venture went well! Can't wait to hear what you were able to get :)

    Have a good TUE!

  6. This is great! Perfect timing for me!! Though I taught Theology for years, I've wanted to be better at teaching scrapbooking. And after being off sick all summer, I'm ready to get back into it! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  7. This is awesome, Debby! I love to teach others about the crafts that I love....this class is just perfect for inspiring myself as well as others that I teach! Thanks to both you and Sudie for the chance to win this awesome prize!!

  8. I did not know there are classes like that.. very cool!
    Sylvia xx

  9. Anonymous11:51 AM

    cool.. I would love to win a spot since I cant afford anything like this right now with my hubby unemployed...
    I would love to learn how to advertise myself the best way..


  10. What a great chance to addend the class. I would love to learn how to get the classes to fill up and stay filled up. I own a scrapbooking store and our classes now are only so-so. I really would love to take my classes to that next level. Thanks so much for the chance.

  11. I have taught several crafty classes and I love it. I would so love to teach more and learn how to teach them better. I'd also like to learn how to keep them coming back. Thanks for this chance.

  12. I don't have any experience in the teaching area but I wanted to start a new career teaching my creations in different scrapbook stores or even in my house!!! It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn!!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!!!
    best regards,

  13. What an awesome lineup of teaching talent! Can only imagine the sort of education you can garner from this uber talented & experienced group.

  14. Good luck, ladies! Kelly, great question. That is a common challenge for a teacher, to have students work at different paces. We have some great tips and tricks for this very thing.


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