I'm Here, I'm Here

I haven't left. Only two posts this week. I've been very busy sharing the passion of crafting! This week has been full of friends and crafting. Here is a very quick drive by of photos:

I've had a wonderful time this week with the CHA Virtual Crop with Fiskateers.

I had the privilege to play with Paper Crazy and was the winner of their cardstock sketch challenge (I'll post in a BIG update later.)

I had a BiG advenTURe in Greenville with Brain on Fire, delivering Carrie Woodward's gifts from Fiskateers and visiting several scrapbook store and seeing some familiar faces of Fiskateers. It truly is a small world after all.

I was blessed with some great people in setting up a Fiskateer Crop for May 16th in Greenville.

I worked on classes at the Stamping Place.

Last night I was back in Greeville (I might have to move...I love Greenville. LOL) for Certified Fiskars Demonstrator training and Fiskars now has 23 new new CFD's who are ready to share the passion of crafting! I have so much fun to tell.

This morning I'm heading to JoAnn's to do a Scrapbooking Frienzy this morning. Newest CFD Shannon (in the bright orange above) will be going with me to do her first round of CFDemos. We don't let them sit on that Certification!

I'm running in hopes that I'll be back for a fun report from my busy week.

All About You in 52 (link to Question 4 to the right)...it will be Monday soon! I'll be starting to go through your layouts // journaling this afternoon (after a nap!)

Gratitude List
1. Safety in all these travels
2. My new friends are are pure nut cases
3. Fiskars/Fiskateers for bringing me into a world of passionate crafters
4. Bob for caring
5. God's mercy and grace


  1. Wow, seems like a very creative week, and more to come?! What is in the 2d photo????? TFS

  2. Busy Girl!!! Exhausted yet? I'll be putting up my lo for this week later today. Have to go out and couldn't get to go. So play with it later!!! LOL Have a great day! Jess

  3. wow -- busy, busy! enjoy it all!

  4. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Come on to Greenville, Debby. We would love to have you. :)


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